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IFFI gives the Goan foodie something to look forward to

IFFI has brought to Goan audience quality cinema over the past decade of its existence in the sunshine state. This year to up the level of peripheral activities, the ESG has collaborated with Delhi-based Palate Fest Private Limited, to set up a food festival similar to international standards.  Speaking to NT BUZZ are entrepreneurs Ruchi Sibal and Aditi Kapoor who are setting up the IFFI Palate International Food Village.

Janice Rodrigues | NT BUZZ

Food has that something about it that unites people. Keeping this in mind Sibal and Kapoor who met over their daughters common schooling, decided to set up something that would unite people of the city and bring them out of their home onto common ground. “It started about 8 years back; we wanted to work together on something which we were passionate about. The concept had to be fresh and something that the country had not seen. We then decided to have an international level food festival. We took ideas from all over and adapted to what Delhi can host. The concept was to have people come and have a happy time. We call it the ‘Picnic in the park’ in Delhi with wholesome family entertainment,” says Kapoor.

Bringing together some of the biggest brands from Delhi to Goa, the Food Palate will surely set the momentum for quality gourmet festivals to come into the state. “We brought together some serious names of the industry and also brought people of all kinds of demographics together. We did it in Delhi, now we are doing it in Goa.  It is a food festival that is not about street food but gourmet food. It doesn’t mean that you need to be a Michelin chef, it could be anyone who is just making good food,” says Sibal.

Talking about the target audience and the fact that a festival that is free and open to all can attract practically everyone, the organisers remain unfazed. “We don’t want to stick to a genre of people, the idea was to make the city get up and spend time together. Moreover, Palate isn’t known just for good food, but we also accessorise with a lot of live entertainment and art exhibitions.” says Sibal.

Bringing not only good food, but also art and entertainment to the general public, the organisers hope they can give the common man a taste of fine gourmet food at affordable rates. With items not priced more than Rs 500/- people of Goa can sample a wide range of food.

Some of the gourmet brands participating in the Food Palate include: Delhi-based, Olive Bar; Fat Lulu’s, a café that specialises in teas; Chayoos; Lite Bite;  ice cream brand Giani; Goa-based, Greek restaurant Thalassa; feni cocktails from Cazulo Feni; Goan food from Edward’s Yard; popular cup noodles brand Nissin; Big Fat Sandwitch. On the art front there will be installations titled ‘Bioscope’ by Dhiraj Pednekar, ‘Infinite Shakti’ by Katharina Poggendorf–Kakar and ‘Chicken Cafreal’ by Subodh Kerkar. Cultural producers Arts for All (A4A) have partnered with the festival to bring these fine installations to the city.

An interesting line-up of entertainment has been planned for the festival, which includes live music acts through the evening with Delhi-based music group Space Cadets.

CEO of ESG, Ameya Abhyankar speaking about the collaboration said: “Our vision for IFFI is to make it a destination event where people can enjoy the festival even if they are not delegates at the film festivals. We are building an eco-system around IFFI which involves quality fringe events such as the IFFI Palate International Food Village, providing gourmet food at affordable prices. We have partnered with Air Asia which is one of the main sponsors of the event. ”


(The IFFI Palate International Food Village will give Film and food connoisseurs a chance to steep into a culinary experience between November 20 and November 23, at the forest park opposite the Marquinez Palace)

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