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The Co-VID 19 pandemic has made people pause and rethink their life. NT BUZZ asks a few folks what they would do differently if they were given a chance to begin this year all over again, sans the virus outbreak


Every year on April 1 ie April Fool’s Day, people around the world play pranks on each other. However, this year, as the world is hit by the novel coronavirus outbreak, it has not only raised alarming concerns globally, but has also made people think about what they are doing with their lives.

Varca-based singer, Simran Vas for instance wishes she had made better use of her weekends in the past. “I could have spent these exploring the beautiful places and mouth-watering food that Goa has to offer. I’ve been in Goa all my life and always thought that I had all the time to explore it’s beauty, but the lockdown made me realise that we really don’t have all the time,” she says.

Executive engineer, Chinmaya Nayak from Margao meanwhile has realised that she could have spent more time with her family, either playing board games or even praying as a family. “Although the coronavirus outbreak has affected us big time, it has also taught us that some basics things are the most important but yet in the hustle of life have been forgotten. It has also affected our Earth in a positive way,” she says.

“How I wish this year was just a nightmare or a prank! I’d probably do a lot of things differently, most of all learn not to take anyone or anything for granted,” adds freelance photographer, Maryanne De Souza from Mapusa.

Student, Deepti Fadte from Vasco also feels that the current situation has given her a whole new perspective of the world, taught her to value every moment of her life and also every being. “Thus, if I could redo this year, I would try not to procrastinate. I would also love to help more,” she says.

And if the universe does have a trick up its sleeve and plays the reverse UNO card, life would be amazing again, thinks Margao resident, Braven Barreto. “Staying in at home I’ve realised how much I crave home-cooked meals and I’d definitely want to work on my baking. Secondly, I’ve recently started an all vegetarian diet and am surprised by how sufficient it is. If I had known this earlier, I would’ve started that long back,” he says. The lockdown has also made him realise how much he missed spending time with his family and more importantly how he has taken life for granted. “Even the simple freedom to just have a walk along the roadside seemed so normal until now. But alas until the bad days pass away, please stay in and stay safe,” says the youngster.

Executive engineer, PWD, Sadhana Bandekar from Bambolim also echoes this sentiment. “Something as trivial as being able to go out whenever we wanted to and meeting up with friends, or going to the movies, etc, are some of the activities we would never think twice about as opposed to the situation now,” says Bandekar. And if she could turn back time, she would also make it a point “to pause from work occasionally and enjoy everything nature has to offer without letting anyone disturb it”.

Margao-based lawyer, Sandhya Samant meanwhile, given the chance, would have planned her entire year in a much different way. “I would try and be more social as one can never know which day will be his or her last day on Earth, or when one will be quarantined due to such pandemics or forced into such social distancing situations,” she says.

Also, she says, she would eat healthy to keep her immune system prepared to fight against such viruses and focus on workouts and losing weight, especially, indoor workouts. “If I had done this before, staying at home for a month would not have seemed so difficult,” she says. Besides this, she would try storing some basic necessities. “Just like our grandparents stored things to be used throughout the year (purument), I would do the same,” she says.

Carmona-based student, Samuel Afonso too has a huge list of things he would have loved to do if he could turn the clock back. These include making plans, going to new places, enjoying college events, etc. “Enjoying Easter with my family would be top priority; having a really good meal with some good booze and BBQ at midnight,” he says. Afonso would also have planned some trips with cousins and would be looking forward for an end-of-the-year college trip. More cycling, beach football, etc, also make it to the list. “So many plans cancelled. Let’s hope for better months ahead,” he says.

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