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Ice Ice Baby


Summer season is here. And so is the blistering heat. To help keep you cool, hotels and restaurants have some innovative drinks on offer

As part of the Khau Galli  festival at Caramel, Vivanta Goa, Panaji for instance, there a variety of milkshakes and coolers apart from lots of eats like chaats, pizzas, burgers and much more. The street food festival which is on from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. will conclude on May 15.

“We have chosen traditional summer coolers like waffle berry, thandai, aam ka panna etc especially for this season. Normal juice is regular but these drinks are something different,” says the executive chef Jose Thomas

Executive chef at Resort Rio, Arpora, Sunil Mathai has also added a few special dishes to help combat the heat like sambharam, kachhey aam ka panna, curd rice, and musk melon ka panna.

Cafe Oceanic, Baga too has come up with some tempting drinks like water melon crusher, mango mocktail, cranberry cocktail, mango fudge and ice candies. “Watermelon crusher is something which can be easily prepared at home with few ingredients,” informs the head cook, Bapi Giri.

Beverage manager, Radisson Blu Goa, Cavelossim, Amit Rout says that nothing says summer better than an afternoon spent lounging by the pool, icy-cool beverage in hand. “The problem is that many of our favourite refreshing summer drinks are loaded with sugar and that just isn’t what you need. However, this summer, you can be guilt-free as you tip back a cold one because we’ve come up three refreshing drinks: Angel Kiss, Swimming Pool, and Take It Easy that are not only delicious, but low-calorie and nutritious too,” he adds.

Explaining the benefits of the fruits used in cocktails, Rout says that watermelon helps in promoting a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy, and overall lower weight. He adds: “Pineapple is a great fruit to eat to help the body naturally detoxify itself; Bromelain has many health benefits, mainly helping with digestion. Cinnamon, although usually associated with winter, can be a perfect summer spice. Use it in an iced summer drink or with crisp in-season apples.”

At Goa Marriott Resort and Spa mango is their fruit for the summer. In GBC (their cake shop) a mango promotion is currently on which includes pastries, cakes and breads with a mango twist as also beverages like mango milkshakes, mango smoothies etc. Executive chef, Goa Marriott, Dibyendu Roy says: “You can also beat the heat by having our sorbets at GBC where we will have fresh fruit sorbets made to your liking with your choice of fruits.”

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