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Touted as the big reunion of Salman-Bhansali, In-shaa-Allah falls prey to feud 2.0 between leading man and filmmaker

The week started on a shocking note for Salman Khan fans. While the superstar announced on Sunday night that his Eid 2020 offering will not be In-shaa-Allah but another film, Monday morning saw Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s studio reveal that the team was not going ahead with the love story “for now”. A shame since the Alia Bhatt starrer, was to mark the reunion of Khan and Bhansali — a seal of sorts, if you may, to announce to the world that their feud was a thing of the past. Ironically though, In-shaa-Allah was not meant to be. The film has been shelved owing to creative differences between Bhansali and Khan.

A source close to the project revealed that, “Salman wanted to change the fabric of the film. While he was happy with the first hour of the story, he had requested Bhansali to rework the rest of the script, especially the climax. Even as the production team set up the first days shoot, the two couldn’t agree on the narrative. Bhansali wanted it to be a love story, and Salman could only envision it as a typical Eid potboiler, in which romance is one of the elements. Bhansali respects his actors, and their suggestions are welcome, but not if they aim to alter the narrative. Hence, he took the decision to shelve the film.”

Khan has promised his fans that his Eid date with them remains unaffected, leading to speculation that he will fast track Kick 2 to meet the deadline. So what happens to In-shaa-Allah? Dismissing rumours that Bhansali’s other favourite— Shah Rukh Khan — might step in to save the day, the source reveals, “Bhansali might turn his focus to Izhaar, a romantic film that he has been discussing with Shah Rukh for a while.

The film will be mounted only by November and is not eyeing the Eid 2020 release.”

Which leaves us with the big question — what happens to the friends-turned-foes- turned-friends Khan and Bhansali? “Not even a makkhi will go to the cinemas to watch that film,” Khan had said about Guzaarish (2010) after their last public fall out. Should we expect more of such jibes?

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