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HSRP: online appointment scheduling to end chaos



To make affixing of authorised high-security registration number plates for cars and bikes a smooth process, the Real Mazon Pvt Ltd is going to make appointment scheduling online from Monday.

The company, which is the sole HSRP supplier, will allow vehicle owners to go for appointment scheduling and payment online for replacing number plates in vehicles. The move has been aimed at getting around the chaos witnessed at RTO offices.

Number plates of the vehicles registered before  April 1, 2019 are being replaced in phases as the total number of vehicles that don’t have these plates is over 14 lakh.

But the process to get the booking is time consuming, as people have to stand for more than two hours in long queues at HSRP counters located at RTO offices.

And to cap it all, servers face technical glitches  at the HSRP counters, which also encounter poor network connectivity.  

For online appointment booking, vehicle owners will be asked to provide their vehicles registration numbers and mobile phone numbers.

Accordingly, the appointment will be processed once the vendor receives details of the vehicle through the centralised Vahan portal and the payments from the vehicle owners, who will then have to go to the vendor on the given date and time to get their new number plates fitted.

According to Real Mazon Pvt Ltd, the company has clocked in so far 9500 bookings since October 1 and replaced nearly 8000 number plates in the vehicles falling in the series between 0001 and 1000 with tamperproof high security registration plates.

The transport department has fixed a timeline till August 2020 for the existing vehicles to be replaced with HSRPs in a phased manner.

The HSRP is made of a rare aluminium alloy and contain a retro-reflective hologram, hot-stamped lettering, a 10-digit unique serial number, and it is fitted with two non-removable/non-reusable snap locks to ensure that these number plates are stolen.

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