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Hotel Virashree completes two decades

Panaji: Hotel Virashree, which is located in the heart of Panaji caters  mostly to clientele from the corporate world has completed two decades of  ‘affordable and well-acclaimed service’in the hospitality sector.  A press note issued here by the hotel management states that “we are committed to high environmental standards. We have proved ourselves on the parameters of cleanliness, hospitality par excellence, soothing and pleasing ambience and extraordinary service. With an emphasis on providing our customers almost everything for their comfort and money’s worth, we are building on the success of previous years, advancing in vision, scope and engagements, and our most experienced and warm-hearted staff work meticulously to see contentment on the face of our most revered customers.”

“Our vision is to become catalyst for all kinds of eco-friendly changes and we look forward for incorporating all modern amenities, including solar heaters and presently working on the project of solar lighting,” the release adds.

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