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Hi Tuji Jivitachi Kanni

Tiatr REVIEW JP Pereira

A melodrama in modern times Hi Tuji Jivitachi Kanni, written and directed by Patrick Dourado recounts a tale of greed and ungratefulness.

The curtain opens on a scene in a cemetery where an unkempt individual is running away from a crowd who are abusing him. The priest approaches the man and wants to know why he is being teased and abused. The story begins…

Melroy is on his knees thanking God. He is happy with what he has, including his family. His wife Helena thinks differently; she wants to be rich and wants to enjoy life. They have children, but she is more worried about material gains and wants to join the believers as they will gift her a BMW car and other riches. Melroy’s sister Suvarna is married to Jaison. He is rich and rolling in money but they have no children. So they decide to take a loan against the house and property and give the money to Melroy and Helena. But then, Suvarna conceives. Now they need money for her treatment and the delivery.  And the story continues…where the recipients are ungrateful and the donors have to beg.

One wonders why a particular sect is shown in such poor light. Is joining the believers shameful? They are known to help each other in need, but giving gifts of expensive cars is uncalled for. And if one wants to help, will they take a loan against their own property and give away the money? The drama seems to denote that all of this is possible.

The cast has Annie raving, mocking and threatening everyone around her. Willy is her husband who at times protests, but eventually gives in. Roma as Suvarna is benevolent and Pascoal is her caring husband. Cajiton is the priest while Tracy and Roniber play the two children with Jose Maria lending good support. The comedy has some funny moments. Aveena, Nato and Sally are successful in providing the humour quotient.

The musicians were Theo and Nolvert (trumpets), Norman (keyboard), John (superb on drums) and Cresento (bass). Jr Reagan sings the opening song, a tribute to the ailing Patrick Dourado. There are songs by FX Pinto, Nazario Pinto, Pascoal, Cajiton and a trio by Cajetan-Marcus-Xavier. Performances that stand out include solos by Tracy, Lovena and Alijoy, and a song by Michael highlighting medical aid to politicians.

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