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Hearts of g(old)

As part of its geriatric and dementia programme launched in September 2014, COOJ Mental Health Foundation organised another edition of its annual ‘The Golden Stage’ at Emerald Lawns, Parra. The theme of the event was ‘beach carnival’ and featured entertainment and games suited for senior citizens. The highlight of the programme was the carnival parade of seniors led by Pierre Fernandes dressed as ‘King Momo’. Members from more than 20 homes for the aged were invited to participate and the event saw about 500 seniors and volunteers in attendance. A surprise performance by Remo Fernandes was also part of the celebrations.

As an inclusive event, the objective of ‘The Golden Stage’ is to enable senior citizens to continue being an integral part of the community, while keeping their dignity and sense of well being. The COOJ ElderCare Programme aims at bringing about a positive change in the quality of lives of senior citizens.

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