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Healthier facilities needed at Chicalim sub-district hospital

Vasco : The sub-district hospital at Chicalim is running short of beds for patients who are referred with suspected dengue fever and other diseases.

As per complaints received from several people, the sub-district hospital at Chicalim is lacking in healthcare facilities.

Patients who visit the hospital of suspected dengue fever and other diseases are sent back home, citing no beds at the hospital. Speaking to some of the parents, who have referred their children to the hospital have complained of shortage of beds. 

The sub-district hospital was inaugurated some seven months ago with much expectations, but the hospital is lacking in staff, experienced doctors, beds, bed-sheets, pillows, shortage of water and even necessary medicines.

On Tuesday, a boy from New-Vaddem fainted at the sub-district hospital premises after he was told by the doctors to go home for non-availability of beds. The boy had high fever, and suspected to be dengue. 

The people from Vasco and other surrounding areas have raised strong concern over the failure of the health authorities to make necessary arrangements to handle dengue cases.

The health officer at sub-district hospital Dr Rajendra Borkar said, “At present, the sub- district hospital is functional with 60 beds. There is another 60 beds lying in the hospital, but due to lack of manpower, these beds are not put to use”.

He disclosed that the hospital is short of mattresses. “I have already forwarded the proposals to the health department about the requirements at the hospital and we will be receiving the same shortly”, disclosed Dr Borkar.

He also clarified that patients are admitted based on the availability of beds.

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