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Author of ‘Become healthy or extinct’, a book about reversing chronic illnesses with integrated natural therapy; Darryl D’Souza has followers in over 200 countries. He will share his knowledge and experience on health, well-being, and food, at the next Navhind Times workshop on Sunday, November 3, at Dempo House, Panaji. NT BUZZ gets you details

Maria Fernandes | NT BUZZ

An engineer by profession, Darryl D’Souza today is considered a health expert. In a strange way, the 14-years of ill-health he suffered led him to the world of medicine, alternative health therapy, and metaphysics of the human body. A near fatal attack of pneumonia when he was 20 followed by a severe attack of amoebiasis a couple of years later along with several gastro-intestinal problems, piles (requiring surgical intervention), systemic candidiasis, blood toxicity and an incurable skin problem, intensified his interest and of course the necessity to find a solution to his chronic ailments. “I did my best to get cured using conventional systems of medicine like allopathy, homoeopathy, and ayurveda, giving each system over two years to work on me, but nothing succeeded. I was also administered intravenous drugs, jungle creams and lotions, and received energy-healing treatments, to no avail. I prayed a lot too but it turned out that miracles were only meant for others,” he shares.

This is when he turned to Ashwin Dalal, an acupressure expert in Mumbai and within a few weeks found relief. “I was extremely sceptical when I first started the daily treatment on myself. I thought it was a complete joke that pressing some points on the body could achieve things that the best systems of medicines could not; but I had nothing to lose and was still determined to live,” he says. Six months after starting the treatment, his ailments completely reversed and Darryl says the treatment changed his life.

This was in 2005 and since then he has been seriously researching on natural foods and nutrition. His radical reversal from a state of disease and near death, to a state of complete well-being within just one year of using integrated natural therapies, is a story that has inspired thousands across the globe to lead healthier lives.

Darryl, who is also an organic farmer and environmentalist, strongly believes that there is no greater wealth than good health. “Till about a century ago, chronic illness was not a common occurrence till the age of 50 years. But if you look at averages in the world today , you will see that chronic illness has started manifesting even at the age of 35 years and in some cultures much before that,” he rues.

The objective of the upcoming workshop that he will be conducting at Dempo House on November 3, he says, is to teach people the real causes of chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, hormonal imbalance, arthritis, liver sickness, kidney disease etc. The holistic methods that he will be discussing will not only benefit those suffering from the aforementioned ailments but others as well who would like to learn more about healthy food and habits, especially parents so that they can teach their children the same.

Elaborating on the itinerary he says: “Participants of the workshop will learn about acupressure, healing herbs, natural cleansers; understand the causes of various chronic illnesses and how to cure them; plan their individual diet, treatment protocols for their illnesses and more.”

The wrong kind of food, he says, is responsible for 70 per cent of the chronic illnesses around the world. Not just unhealthy but disproportionate ratios too, he believes is the culprit. “Many think that traditional food is the best, but that is also completely wrong. It is the traditional Indian diet that has made India the world’s capital of diabetes, as well as the leader in cataract surgeries and knee replacement surgeries,” he says. The first lesson about food, he explains, is – stop eating the wrong foods like animal’s milk, polished grains, processed sugar, processed salt, refined cooking oils, processed food and microwaved food, as they all damage the body a lot. “The next lesson is to eat whole and fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, peas, grains, roots, pulses etc. in an unprocessed form,” he adds. He is of the opinion that all of us must eat at least two portions of fruits daily which can decrease cravings for ice-cream, chocolates, and Indian sweets.

Vegetables have an equally important place in his food plan. According to him easy to eat vegetables like cucumber, celery, beetroots, tomatoes, lettuce and radish must be consumed raw without adding any masalas and spices.

For chronic diseases like high blood pressure, he recommends a change from refined sea salt to Himalayan rock salt, along with acupressure healing for the pineal and pituitary glands, the heart, the kidneys, and the adrenal glands. A cup of lavender tea is very beneficial too. “For diabetes, one must first stop milk and consumption of all milk products and replace them with nut milks and nut cheese and nut mayonnaise instead. Secondly one must minimise fried foods and only use cold pressed cooking oils when really necessary. Daily consumption of raw salads and a cup of nettle tea go a long way. And daily exercise also reduces the sugar in the blood and brings down lipid profiles,” he says.

With an aim to reverse the damage done to the planet and connect like-minded people across the globe, Darryl founded, ‘Earth-keepers connect’. “Earth Keepers are people who have realised that their future depends on the planet’s future, and so they walk their talk every day, through their choices of ethical professions and projects. Whether in the areas of health, environment, organic farming, permaculture, education, art/ culture, entrepreneurship, good governance etc, all strive for the common cause of betterment of people around the globe. We have been doing work in the field of health, food and environment in Goa since the last six years,” he says.

Speaking about the connection between health and spirituality, he says, spirituality gives one a deeper connect with the self, with people, animals, plants as well as the elements around us, Earth included. “This enables a greater degree of peace and joy in a person’s everyday life. A majority of people across the world live very stressful lives due to differences in their religious ideologies or cultural beliefs or class in society. All of these influences lead to imbalanced energy centers as well as energy flow in the body resulting in sickness,” he says. True spirituality as well as spiritual practices like meditation, he says, connect a person to a deeper sense of well-being within themselves and others. “It dissolves all these man-made differences and their related stresses, thereby allowing the human body to be stress-free and healthier.”

(If you are 16 years and above and would like to participate in the workshop, slated for Sunday, November 3 at Dempo House, Panaji, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. log on to and fill in the application form. Last date for application is October 28.

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