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HDFC Bank launches custom-fit car loans

HDFC Bank on December 21, launched custom-fit car loans ‘AapkeHisaabSe.’ The product allows customers to buy cars at lower EMI (up to 24 per cent under step-up EMI in first three years and up to 30 per cent under the balloon repayment program). It is available for all categories of cars from standard to premium and helps people fulfill their dreams of a better car now based on future income.  

At a function organized in the HDFC Bank House, the loan was launched by Ajit Dalvi, circle head, Goa, and Mohit Gupta, regional sales manager, in the presence of other senior officials. “The AapkeHisaabSe loan is about customizing our products and services to help fulfill the dreams of our customers. We are offering not just lower EMIs but also 10 minute approvals, longer tenures and also insurance in the form of Suraksha Kawach,” said Gupta.

“At HDFC Bank we understand that, customers require flexibility in loan repayments whether it’s an entry level or a top of the line vehicle. Salaried, government employees and business men can purchase their dream car. Our endeavour is to be a constant part of customers’ life and be relevant. We believe that our new product helps customers fulfill their current aspirations based on their future income,” said Dalvi.

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