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Traffic chaos seen near the circle at Shri Shantadurga high school 

Haphazard parking leads to traffic chaos in Bicholim

BICHOLIM: Haphazard parking and encroachment on footpaths by shopkeepers has led to a traffic chaos in Bicholim.

The traffic jam occurs from the road stretch starting from Bicholim KTC bus stand, Government primary school near market road, Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj maidan, old bus stand to traffic circle near Shri Shantadurga high school. Traffic jams are also witnessed at the internal ward areas of Antilpeth, Sonarpet, Bhalipet and Shri Shantadurga -Gaonkarwada road lanes.

The Bicholim Municipal Council (BMC) and traffic cell have taken necessary steps to put the traffic system in place, however the traffic chaos still continues.

The BMC have marked spots for parking of 2-wheelers and four wheelers at various places on the widened roads near the government primary school, State Bank of India, Shivaji maidan, old bus stand etc, however motorists continue to park their vehicles in a haphazard manner without obeying traffic rules.

To sort out the problem the transport department had taken the initiative to display sign boards for parking of two and four-wheelers.  Traffic police are deployed at the market entry road near Our Lady high school, traffic circle near Shri Shantadurga high school, government centre primary school.

During school hours at least 2-3 police constables have been deployed to control the traffic. Parents who come to pick up their children park their vehicles in-front of the government primary school, near the market and the roadsides leading to traffic jams.

Satish Gaonkar, chairperson of BMC said, “The main reason for the traffic chaos is the haphazard parking of vehicles by motorists.  They do not follow any rules nor observe traffic sign boards. The undisciplined driving behaviour is one of the reasons for the traffic chaos”.

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