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Gudi Padwa celebrations with Pt Bhajan Sopori

Kala Academy Goa, as a part of Gudi Padwa celebration is organising a Santoor Concert by renowned maestro Pt Bhajan Sopori on April 8 at 6 p.m. at the Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir, Panaji.
Pt Bhajan Sopri will be provided with instrumental support by Mukesh Jadhav (tabla) and Rishi Shankar Upadhyay (pakhawaj).
About Pt Bhajan Sopori
Son of Pt Shambunath Sopori, Pt Bhajan Sopori belongs to Sufiana Gharana of Indian Music. He hails from Sopore in Kashmir Valley and therefore, his style of Santoor playing is widely known as Sopori Baaj. He is the recipient of Sangeet Natak Akademi Award (1993) and Padma Shri Award of Govt. of India (2004). He has also received Jammu & Kashmir state life time achievement award.
He has also taught music at Washington University, USA. Because of his contribution as an cultural bridge of the state of Jammu & Kashmir and the rest of the country, he is held as the “Saint of the Santoor” and the “King of Strings”.
He has a double masters degree in Indian Classical music, specialising in both the sitar and the santoor, besides having a masters degree in English Literature. He has also studied Western Classical Music at Washington University, St Louis, Missouri, USA.
He has been the pioneer in establishing the santoor on national and international platforms as a complete solo instrument. In his decades of dedicated work he has explored various dimensions of the santoor, carrying out many path- breaking innovations by increasing the range of the santoor from the conventional one and a half to more than five octaves, balanced the “kalam” (strikers) with “boles” and attached the “tarab” and “tumba” for enhanced tonal quality, etc.
These innovations combined with his strong base in traditional “Raga- Sangeet” allow for a systematic exposition of the raga combining both the “gayaki” and the “tantakari ang” (style) in his recitals.

(The entry to the concert will be by free entry passes which will be available at Kala Academy from April 6. Some seats will be reserved for the invitees of Kala Academy.)

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