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After first tasting success as a transporter for IOCL, Ravi Naidu later ventured into shipping and has now diversified into real estate as well.Sai Ashirwad Group of Companies based at Vasco is a growing stevedoring company and an iron ore and coal handling contractor. Its success is attributed to the dedication and hard work of its owner, Ravi S Naidu. Under his leadership, the company that started in the early 90’s has today emerged as one the most successful business units in Vasco.

Born and brought up in Vasco, Naidu ventured into the transportation business in 1996 with his own fleet of trucks, tankers and containers under ‘S A Transport’. He witnessed many ups and downs in his business initially. But he always believed in hard work and dedication which he says is a key factor for its success. Later, Naidu’s company started off as a contractor in petroleum transportation for Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL) and then entered into coal transportation and container movement business. He has always believed in taking a visionary and futuristic approach in business. He sensed an opportunity for growth in the shipping sector and diversified his business into the barge industry in 2003.

With a fleet of 12 barges, Naidu availed a major barge contract of handling iron ore at Port Redi in Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra in 2005.

Since 2005, Naidu became a major barge contractor at Port Redi, handling iron ore with barges owned by him and continues doing so till today. Apart from shipping, earthmovers, engineers and fabrications, Sai Ashirwad Group of Companies has also ventured into the real estate business with his company ‘S A Builder’ and handles rental of flats and offices and developing of properties. His company has also developed projects in the port town.

In 2010, Naidu got into shipbuilding and barge repairing and owns a dockyard at Zorint in Sancoale. The mining industry in Goa came to a grinding halt due to the ban imposed by the Supreme Court in 2012, and at that time Naidu’s ‘Sai Ashirwad Group of Companies’ which was set up with the blessings of deity Sai Baba survived to a great extent and bagged a major contract of coal handling at Port Revdanda in Raigad District of Maharashtra due to Naidu’s good relations and contacts in the business. All the coal handling work is handled by Naidu’s machineries and barges.

With his innovative methods in business, Naidu converted his barge into a tanker barge which is currently operating at Cochin Port. The 1500 metric tonne capacity tanker barge has been chartered to Shiny Shipping and Logistic Pvt Ltd and has received an overwhelming response. The tanker, fitted with the latest technology, is one of the largest of its kind at Cochin Port and has a good track record of supplying and pumping rate.

“I am trying to expand my shipping business and I also want to start an industry in the state to provide opportunities to unemployed youths,” says Naidu. Presently, over 250 workers are employed at Sai Ashirwad Group of Companies.

“I have survived in my business only due to the support rendered by my family members and friends and also due to the blessings of deity Sai Baba who always stood by me in good as well as bad times,” adds Naidu.

Naidu has been always been a helping hand for people due to his active involvement in various social activities since last several years.

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