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Grand escapade at Saturday Supper Club

The newly conceptualised pop up Saturday Supper Club at Grand Hyatt Goa will change your notion of partying. From awesome looking Italian food, free flowing bellinis and beverages of your choice, music, dance and lots more, what’s not to like ?

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Partying, clubbing or spending an evening with families on Saturdays is generally on our bucket list.

But when all of this can be enjoyed at a five star resort, with several other benefits…not only does the weekend become fun, but the entire experience of being part of the Saturday Supper Club, can leave a lasting impression – not just on your mind, but on your palette too.

The Saturday Supper Club begins at 7 p.m. at the Capiz Bar. Here you get the first glimpse of how the night will pan out… dimly lit, club lit atmosphere, with pumping music literally gets you into the groove, and will let you instantly forget about the tiresome week you’ve gone through.

An unlimited selection of cocktails, Bellinis, premium alcohol, a dedicated gin bar is much more than you would crave for if you’re on that liquid gulping weekend. But, hang on, the Mediterranean inspired tapas, presented in a tower is something you shouldn’t miss. There is also the charcuterie and cheese bar if you love your cold cuts and have a penchant for cheese.

Chef David makes sure he visits all the guests and explains the entire concept of the tapas, and what each beautiful entree is all about. While the music drowned out whatever Chef was explaining, I gathered a few bits and pieces here and there and I realised that this Saturday Supper Club is truly dear to him. He’s there all over the place, attending to guests, speaking to staff making sure everyone is having a ball of a Saturday.

I’ve enjoyed macaroons as a sweet, but the savoury macaroon sliders made up of roasted pepper, mango, and olive oil macaroon were my favourite that evening. The crunchy rose though looked too pretty to be eaten. The carpaccio was assembled with some red devilled quail egg, garlic aioli, and mustard sprouts.

After you’ve spent some good time here, climb up to The Verandah the Italian restaurant which is so elaborately utilised on the Saturdays for the Supper Club. The day that I went there, had plenty of people doing full justice to their Saturday, with food and drinks over some great laughter and conversation with my BFF and chef Rupesh Orforcar.

Treat yourself to a great spread of iced seafood crustaceans, freshly baked breads, zuppe and some live preparations. I got to see live prepared mozzarella cheese and dug into its divinity soon after along with the mini vegetable garden that had edible soil made of bread crumbs and black olive dust.

Live prepared food might be a fad today, but here you are introduced to a selection of hand-made pastas with a choice of sauce and toppings, salads, oven roasted vegetables, baked mushrooms with pine nuts and more. I skipped that and dived straight into the a la carte menu that had some fine Italian favourites.

The best part here is that you can order as much as your desires and tummy crave for, without feeling guilty, as the portions are small and that allows you try out a variety.

From the sautéed black mussels in white wine and garlic, to some crispy glazed pork belly, beet root risotto with aged goat’s cheese, beef tenderloin, Australian lamb, fish and grilled garlic prawns, these are just a few offerings.

There’s also a changing selection of pizza passed around by the restaurant staff and served oven-fresh on the table.

Trust me, these Saturdays can be the perfect cheat days for you, tempting and sinful to the core. Top it off with some signature Devi coffee tiramisu artfully crafted by our pastry chef right under your nose. Make sure you try out the other offerings that include mille-feuille, a French pastry that is a light custard slice also known as Napoleon, seasonal fruit panna cotta, chocolate hazelnut tarts and more.

All this plus complimentary access to the swimming pool, steam, sauna, whirlpool and 50 per cent discount on salon services. Here, it’s not about the food or drinks, but about an experience so extraordinary.

Quality is certainly top notch, where you get to carve memories of this grand story you lived on a Saturday night.


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