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Govt to create database to prevent floods around dams



Stating that the people from the recently-flooded villages in North Goa should have been evacuated before opening of the gates of Tillari dam, instead of being moved out of the villages at a later point in time, North Goa district collector R Menaka said the Disaster Management Authority, North Goa will now create a database providing details as to what would happen if there is an increase in the water level, in each of the dams, located in this

Stating that this database will provide a clear map about the situation wherein these dams are overflowing and their water is released, the North Goa collector told ‘The Navhind Times’ on Tuesday that the database would also inform about the effect of water released from such dams, as also which villages may need evacuation.

 “It is very important to have such data in hand in advance so that we can start our action a little earlier,” she noted.

The North Goa district collector is the chairperson of the Disaster Management Authority for the particular district.

Maneka said the main issue related to the recent flood in North Goa was increase in the level of water, in the dam.

“This time, the water from the Tillari dam was released and as a result, the villages adjoining the flooded rivers experienced inundation,” she said. 

When asked if the co-ordination with the neighbouring states needs to be strengthened, especially as regards release of water from the dams, which are located along the borders, the North Goa district collector said that there are systems to be followed, when the water is released from a dam, especially during the monsoon.

“However, we need to strengthen the co-ordination with our neighbours, so that whenever the water is released from these dams, which can in turn affect our rivers, we should receive a prior intimation about the same,” she mentioned.

Stating that the flooding incidents in North Goa is presently being documented, including the villages, where the water levels had increased, the North Goa district collector said the public buildings, which experienced waterlogging would be marked delineating that water had reached the particular level in August 2019.

“So as you see, based on the recent experience, we would be creating a database that could prove helpful to us in the future,” she added.

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