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Govt is ready to run Sonsoddo waste treatment plant: CM



The Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, on Saturday, said that the government is ready to run Sonsoddo waste treatment plant, and therefore, would appeal in the court that it may be given the opportunity to run the plant in the interest of people of Margao.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the release of a book at  Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, the Chief Minister said, “If the waste  is  required  to be treated  then expert agency services are necessary. The government  through Directorate of  Municipal Administration (DMA) and Goa Solid Waste Management  Corporation (GSWMC) and  Solid Waste Management  Department  (SWMD)  will  treat the waste.”

“I request the Fomento company  to hand over the plant to the government  so that we would be able to maintain cleanliness in Margao. The litigation is there, and it will go on.  Whatever money that we need to pay to Fomento will be paid,” he said.

When pointed out that the government has fifteen days’ time to work out a solution, considering the date of the next hearing in the  Fomento versus Municipality case at the District Sessions Court, the Chief Minister said that the  government  would  appeal to the court   requesting it to give a chance to the government to run the Sonsoddo plant.

“We will appeal in the court during the next hearing scheduled on September 30 with a request to give Sonsoddo waste plant to the government,” he said.

He informed that the DMA and the SWMD are finding out whether the plant can be used to treat wet waste.

“The arrangement would be, however, made to treat the dry waste. The baling would be done and the baled waste will be shifted,” he said. 

He asserted that the government will take 100 per cent  responsibility to run the plant 

“We (the government) will provide  financial help to the MMC, if  required,”   Sawant said while responding to another media  query.

Commenting on the bad roads all over the state, the Chief Minister said that he has instructed the PWD engineers to  get the  roads  repaired from the contractors, who constructed these roads recently. 

“Whichever roads done recently, and washed away or having huge potholes, the PWD engineers are  instructed to get it redone from the same contractors. Secondly, the PWD  Minister is  working with his team to patch up the potholes. It may take another two months. The people have to have patience. There are a  few (without naming anyone) who  suddenly think of  holding agitation over  bad roads. When they were ruling the story was no  different,” he said.

Speaking at the book release function, the  Chief Minister said that whatever  political decisions, he takes, he takes it in the  interest of the  state, and added that no decision is being taken for individual benefits.

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