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Governor issues instructions for curtailing expenditure

Panaji: Governor Satya Pal Malik has issued instructions to Raj Bhavan for curtailing the expenditure and making optimal usage of resources, apart from taking a decision to forgo 30 per cent of his salary for the financial year 2020-21.

The Governor is of the view that this would be a small but significant contribution towards combating COVID-19 and mitigating the plight of the people.

In this regard, Raj Bhavan would be undertaking various measures to reduce its expenditure such as no new capital work would be taken up in Raj Bhavan premises, during the current financial year. Only the ongoing works will be completed, while repair and maintenance work would be minimised to ensure proper upkeep of assets.

Similarly, consumption of office consumables shall be reduced by 20 per cent. Floral arrangement for day-to-day functions and other ceremonial functions would be curtailed as austerity measure.

The invitees list for the ‘at home’ function and other ceremonial functions will be reduced by 25 per cent. During ‘at home’ function, state banquet and other ceremonial functions the food menu, floral decoration, illumination will be arranged on a smaller scale.

Furthermore, it is stated that the Raj Bhavan will try to save energy consumption by switching off its lights earlier than the usual timing, thus reducing the usage of all lights by one-third and using all the electrical/ electronic applications judiciously.

Raj Bhavan will also strive to incur expenditure for this financial year to the extent of 80 per cent of its overall budget, thereby saving 20 per cent as an austerity measure.

Most of the Raj Bhavan officials/ officers have contributed one day’s salary and a few have contributed more than a day’s salary.

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