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CHOCK-A-BLOCK: Plastic waste accumulated in a paddy field near old market, choked the drains resulting in flooding of the road on Friday

Gonzaco picks holes in Margao civic body’s waste collection


MARGAO : Former chairperson of Margao Municipal Council (MMC) and present councillor Gonzaco Rebello said that MMC engineer failed to get rid of the plastic waste, that was dumped by the Margao feast fair vendors in the paddy field, due to which the waste choked the drains resulting in the  flooding of  the area. The blocking of the drains inundated the road, thereby inconveniencing the locals.  “MMC says it collected the plastic waste from the field.  But look at these areas. Lot of plastic waste is seen lying there which choked the drains,” said Rebello  pointing to the  plastic that is accumulated in the  paddy field.

He engaged a labour to clear the choked drain, however, that was not enough.

“We cannot clean all the wards using just two labourers. I informed the MMC engineer Deepak Naik, but he told me that all the plastic waste was removed, but his claim has been proved wrong,”  he said.

He demanded that the MMC  should provide an earthmoving machinery to clear the drains of the plastic and other waste as it cannot be done manually.

Nearly 800 stalls are allowed to erected every year during the Margao church feasts and the civic body rakes in a lot of revenue.

There were allegations that MMC failed to lift the waste and as such the plastic waste got scattered around in the paddy fields near the old market and other low-lying areas.

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