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Bena Baretto/NT Fish laden trucks exiting Goa at the Polem check post.

Goan fish supplied to other states: locals


Fish caught from Goan waters is supplied to other states and Goans are deprived of the fresh catch from their own land complained the locals who saw fish trucks leave Goan borders at Canacona.
Sources at the Polem border reported that more than 10 fish laden trucks were allowed to exit Goa through the Polem check post at South Goa border late Friday evening.

As told by the truck drivers carrying the fish, sources said that they were driving to Karnataka with the fish while some of the trucks were heading to Kerala.

Locals after coming to know about the fish being transported were fuming with anger and said that the government at this time has to supply the local fish to the Goans rather than allowing the trawler owners and agents to sell the fish elsewhere.

Just as arrangements have been done to sell vegetables which come from other states during the lockdown, why not make similar arrangements for fish, many said. Locals calculated the fish that went out of Goa in 10 trucks to be 20 thousand kgs.

It was also noted that the Quality Control of India laboratory which was set up to check formalin in fish at Polem checkpost is closed.
Failing to understand the reason behind this a local after enquiry with more than two drivers was told that none of the drivers had the permit to carry fish nor they had any other certificate from the FDA. The drivers revealed that besides the vehicle documents they had no other documents and were only following the orders from the owners. It was also noted that none of the vehicles carried a travel pass as directed by the state government during the lockdown.

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