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Goa police achieves 85% detection in crimes this year

Panaji: Goa police achieved 85 percent detection in crimes while there is 11 percent decrease in crime rate this year. Deputy Inspector General of Police, Parmaditya said that there is around 100% detection in heinous crimes such as murder, attempt to murder, rape, dacoity and robbery cases.

This year the police had registered 27 murder cases, attempt to murder-32 cases, 64 cases of rape, 3 dacoity, 9 robberies said Parmaditya. In order to achieve a quick breakthrough especially in major cases, special teams are formed to assist the investigating officers.

“Special teams are formed at sub divisional level as well as district level especially when there are heinous crimes reported”, said Parmaditya adding that, “such teams are formed to ensure that the cases are detected as fast as possible. And that the investigations are monitored at the police headquarter level”.

He said that all heinous crime cases have been detected in record time owing to the efforts taken by the police teams as well as constant monitoring of investigation by police officers. Parmaditya said that this year there has been 85 percent crime detection that is around 4 percent higher compared to the previous year.

Last year the crime detection rate was around 81 percent he informed. Similarly there is 11 percent decrease in crime rate. Last year 2498 cases were registered whereas this year the number of cases has come down to 2234. Police attributes the decrease in crime rate to various measures as well as strategy adopted aimed at crime prevention.

Apart from that Parmaditya informed that stress is laid on disposal of cases, the cases which are pending for more than a year. He said that owing to constant monitoring, there has been sizeable disposal of pending cases. Police also have been keeping a track of those who are out on bail or have been released from jail. They are under surveillance and that their activities are being monitored said Parmaditya adding that those who were earlier arrested in drugs cases and now out on bail are also kept under surveillance by the ANC as well as the crime branch police. “There is zero tolerance policy against drug trafficking”, said Parmaditya. As part of it drive against drugs menace, the police have been conducting awareness on drugs abuse in various educational institutes. Also in view of safety and security, self defence for girl students is also undertaken, said Parmaditya.

The Goa police have 64 police control room (PCR) including 10 highway patrol which are in operation round the clock to ensure police presence and for public safety and security. Apart from these vehicles there are two wheelers (Robert) and they have been directed to attend each and every call from the public and put efforts to keep a check on bad elements he said. In coastal areas along the beach, the police are patrolling using ATVs regularly to ensure safety of those visiting the beaches including tourists he informed.

Parmaditya informed that the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) 112 is functioning smoothly and it has improved the response time in handling a distress call. Police are also monitoring the social media and ahead of Christmas and New Year festivities, the police personnel have been sensitized on the safety and security issue, said Parmaditya.

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