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Goa Open Arts announces artist grant


In order to stimulate a local art infrastructure which is at considerate risk due to slowing down of cultural activities and funding in the time of the ongoing pandemic, the Goa Open Arts has announced The Goa Open Arts Catalyst Grant. The grant will award five artists, with a sum of `30,000 each for the production of a new or ongoing body of work. The duration of the grant is six months, at the end of which the artists’ work will be exhibited at the next Goa Open Arts public
programme in 2021.

The grant aims to help artists stay engaged with their practice. In line with Goa Open Arts intention of fostering a creative community, each grantee will receive mentorship from the organisers and will have the opportunity to engage with and receive feedback from other senior artists based in Goa.

“In all the ‘packages’ that are unveiled in times of crisis, there is never anything for creative professionals. It is as if the arts don’t matter! And the bitter truth is that even in normal circumstances there is not much funding. Recognising that we have to rely on self-help, Goa Open Arts has decided to introduce the Goa Open Arts Catalyst Grant. We hope our small contribution will further contribute to promoting art and culture in Goa,” says co-founder, Goa Open Arts, Prashant Panjiar.

This grant is in keeping with the large vision of The Open Arts Initiative of supporting arts through grants, mentorship programmes and workshops, adds co-founder Goa Open Arts, Gopika Chowfla. “With the current economic situation brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, we decided this is the time for the Open Arts Initiative to extend financial support that can help a few artists to produce new work and remain engaged with their art. If we are successful in collecting more funds through donations and contributions, we will expand the list of recipients,” she says.

Goa Open Arts is a group of creative professionals living in Goa. The aim with the Goa Open Arts festival is to galvanise the creative talent pool that resides in Goa. In addition to the significant native population of Goa’s artists, makers and performers, a large number of designers, writers, artists, musicians, chefs, etc, have come from all over the country and the world to make Goa their home. The festival is a platform where all come together and create something new.

Goa Open Arts festival was initiated in February 2020. The four-day festival showcased the work of over 75 artists, musicians and performers across a range of practices and media. While the festival is planned to be a recurring annual event, Open Arts Initiative is a permanent entity that intends to engage with Goa’s creative community throughout the year. This may be in the form of workshops, residencies, mentoring events, school interactions and plenty more.

(Application period: June 1-30, 2020. Details:

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