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Goa Lokayukta to review status of 22 pending cases

PANAJI: The newly appointed state Lokayukta, Justice (retd) Prafulla Kumar Misra will review the status of all 22 cases pending before the office of the Lokayukta, since the departure of his predecessor, Justice (retd) B Sudershan Reddy.

Justice (retd) Misra has also decided to issue fresh notices related to these cases, except those that are either sub-judice or already decided by the court. The cases would be taken up from where the office of the Lokayukta had discontinued their hearing.

The state Lokayukta will also begin hearing of the illegal mining cases pending before the office of the Lokayukta. However, those mining-related cases, which are either being heard by the court and hence sub-judice, or already decided by the court, would not be taken up by the state Lokayukta.

Incidentally, many of these cases are at various stages; some awaiting the reply of public functionary, others waiting for issuance of fresh notice to the competent authority, while yet some others waiting for the rejoinder of the complainant.

Justice (retd) Misra also visited the place allocated for setting up the office of the Lokayukta at Ribandar, and is of the opinion that readying this office would take substantially long time. He, therefore, proposes to find a place for the office of the Lokayukta in the capital city itself.

The state Lokayukta will also be writing to the government, informing about the manpower requirement of his office.

It is further learnt that the state Lokayukta is considering issuance of notices to public functionaries including MLAs and ministers, who are yet to file their annual statement of assets and liabilities.

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