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Israeli company, Bluben International Commerce, is made a quiet presence in Goa, discovers Shoma Patnaik

Goa-Israel connect gets strong


Indo-Israel ties are on an upswing. Governments of both the countries are keen to set up joint ventures and increase business with each other. But while bilateral dealings at an official level are being worked out, Goa is a step ahead in fostering ties. 

Recently Bluben International Commerce, a company based in Tel Aviv set up a representative office in Panjim. The consultancy firm is in the business of forging partnerships. Avraham Benabou, director general, Bluben International, said that, the company achieved its first milestone in Goa through an agreement signed with Goa Shipyard Ltd (GSL). He said that, Bluben in future will be representing GSL in Israel. “The agreement will help GSL seek partners for its various projects on hand, said Benabou.

Most international companies prefer to set up offices in metro cities, but “we  selected Goa not only due the reasonable cost in the location but mainly because of the quality of environment and the human dimension among the business people and the decision makers in the state,” added Benabou.

He explained that, in the current era of digital communication the presence of a metro office is no longer necessary. The company, in fact, out of the Goa office is already servicing companies in Hyderabad and Maharashtra.

He is a regular traveler to Goa and each visit has been a progress. Benabou said that, his firm plans to focus on clean energy and agro-projects. “Goa’s location makes it ideal for ocean energy and our company is trying its best to push the idea to local policy makers,” he said.  The company plans to establish agreements with leading local industries and develop joint projects protecting the character of the state and open new and innovative areas of business.

Interestingly, Bluben International is itself a startup. The company though has accumulated a substantial turnover in the public and in the private market. It provides access to the most advanced, updated technologies in cyber protection, intelligence and data gathering. It is also a significant player in developing solutions in defence and military systems.

“Our company recently signed up an agreement with a Mumbai based company for providing protection to skyscrapers during infernos,” says Benabou.

He says that Israel and India has a lot in common. Citizens of both countries are family oriented and they love negotiating. As for Goa it offers the right cocktail,” he says. The state’s scenic locale and relaxed lifestyle is its USP. “The uniqueness must be retained but at the same time projects need to be initiated to offer employment to locals.”

Benabou says that, he is ready to meet up with Goan businessmen and offer them opportunity to do business with Israel. “They can use us as a gateway to other countries,” he says. The Goa office of Bluben International is represented by Vera Rego Gonsalves.

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