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Goa is an important market for OYO: Ghosh

Since its entry in the hospitality industry, OYO Hotels and Homes is grown at a searing pace. The company claims to be South Asia’s largest hotel chain. Here Aditya Ghosh, chief executive officer, India and South Asia, in a candid chat with Bhiva P Parab said that OYO is operating over 400 exclusive, leased and franchised hotels in Goa with 8,000 plus rooms. The plan is to grow further in the state and take the total capacity to 10,000 rooms by the year-end

What is the presence of OYO in Goa?

Goa being a major tourist destination in the country we are having good presence in this small but beautiful place. OYO has over 400 hotels and homes with 8,000 plus rooms in the state. Majority hotel owners in Goa have doubled their income post association with us and become owners of multiple hotels. They are doing good business. Goa is among the strongest performing markets for us and we are committed to doubling economic opportunities and presence for Goans by 2020.

How much employment opportunities have you created in Goa?

Our operations in the state are supported by 400 plus full-time employees called Oyopreneurs. The company has further created direct and indirect economic opportunities for 5000 plus people and almost 90 percent of employees are locals. Since our launch in Goa in 2015, we have hosted

thousands of guests at our hotels while ensuring higher yields for asset owners. Our target is 10,000 rooms by year end which will further increase employment opportunities.

How important is Goa for your business?

For OYO Hotels and Homes, Goa is a strategically important market. Over the past four years we have already invested hundreds of crores in the state and we are focused on enabling economic opportunities at every level. We are committed to generating gainful employment and entrepreneurship through our growing network hotels and homes in Goa. We have already created over 5,000 direct and indirect jobs in the state and over 1 lakh such opportunities across India. More importantly, we have been fortunate to host thousands of tourists to Goa across our hotels.

Can you throw light on your all-India business?

If we go to see overall in India so far, we have already created over 100,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities and spurred micro, small and medium scale entrepreneurs through our hospitality business spread across 500 cities, 18,000 hotels and homes and 270,000 rooms. The company aims to double the economic opportunities generated in the country by 2020. Through our presence we are also helping empower multiple ancillary industries in the hospitality ecosystem.

Can you elaborate on these multiple ancillary industries being empowered by you?

As South Asia’s largest and the world’s third largest hotel chain we are already one of the largest purchasers of linen, toiletries and essential hotel supplies in India. Our company is also helping empower multiple ancillary industries in the hospitality ecosystem by leveraging scale to make bulk procurements that are supporting local businesses. Every month we utilize over 40 lakh toiletry kits across the 200,000 exclusive rooms which are a part of its chain while procuring 40,000 units of linen.

Does OYO have training facility for the staff?

The company has set up 22 skill institutes across India for training frontline staff in various aspects of hotel management in India. The institutes add to skill building as well as ensure that the thousands of young people who are entering the formal workforce in the country have access to opportunities for growth in the tourism and hospitality sector. We work actively with asset owners to tap into the local talent pool and ensure that the hotel staff is groomed and well trained for professional growth opportunities. We are also working with multiple states and taking part in the state organized job fairs.

Tell us something about your various product segments? There are various products which include rooms launched in 2013. Then there is OYO Townhouse which was launched in January 2017. The Townhouse is a fully-managed hotel brand designed to function as a social hotspot to cater to city dwellers and a new generation of guests. SilverKey was launched in April 2018. This category of accommodation caters to the needs of the corporate travellers undertaking business trips for a short or long duration, while Collection O was launched in March 2019. Collection O is the newest category under our hotel portfolio that caters to the requirements of discerning business travelers. Capital O was launched in July 2018. It is for the new-age travellers with the functionalities that they look for when it comes to business and leisure stays. Palette Resorts by OYO was launched in August 2018, Palette Resorts is for those in search of an intuitive experience at competitive prices, an upper-end leisure resorts category.  OYO Home was launched in May 2017. It has unlocked several homes for travelers in India’s top travel destinations, including Goa, Pondicherry, Udaipur, Nainital, Coorg, and Manali. OYO LIFE offers long-term living spaces that are fully-managed and hassle-free.

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