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Actor Samir Kochhar who will next be seen in back to back web series, ‘Typewriter’ and ‘Sacred Games 2’, was recently in Goa on vacation. In conversation with NT BUZZ, Kochhar spoke about his roles in the web series, his connection with Goa, and more

‘Goa holds a special place in my life’


Q. Firstly, tell us about your roles in ‘Sacred Games 2’ and ‘Typewriter’?

‘Sacred Games’ is a very special show and I have a lot of expectations about the second season. The show is only going to go to greater heights and I am very happy that my character of Markhand who works with the Intelligence Bureau Department is doing a lot more in it. I am looking forward to the release of the show on August 15.

Coming to ‘Typewriter’, it is a Netfix original series directed by Sujay Ghosh which releases on July 19. The storyline is based in Goa and it is about a ‘Bardez Villa’ where we are dealing with supernatural activities. I play the role of Peter who along with his wife and two kids moves to this ancestral villa where his wife grew up. Soon after he moves in, things begin happening that are beyond his or anyone elses control. The people in the neighbourhood are scared. And then along comes a group of kids who run around trying to solve what is happening.

Q. You have done television and movies, and now you’re working in the digital medium.

I really feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to be part of different mediums, be it films, television, anchoring, or being associated with sports. The digital world gives me a chance to explore my acting abilities and learn from working with really good filmmakers, and to enjoy myself on camera in a different light. With the digital platform, the writing has become very free, people are experimenting and wanting to bring news ideas, the platforms themselves are emphasising more on scripts and storyline. It is an exciting time in India and the kinds of shows I have chosen for myself are the ones that are on the best platforms. Also, I look at the digital platform with the same light that I would look at anything else – I am doing it because it is giving me a tremendous opportunity to explore different parts of my abilities as an actor.

Q. What is your take on the standard of Indian content for digital platform versus television?

I think Indian television has been over the years made for a pan-India kind of audience. There are censor rules, there is a particular way in which the stories on television have been told, there is a format that has been followed. The digital movement is just coming in but it is building up and it is moving tremendously. I personally know a lot of people who don’t have cable in their homes anymore and they watch shows via platforms like Hotstar. However, there are people who still like to switch on to their television sets and sit with their family and watch shows. But people are losing their patience when it comes down to waiting for advertisements between shows they love watching, and they can watch these on repeat mode on a digital platform anywhere and anytime they want. It is interesting that the digital platform is making the television world up their game.

The other aspect is the kind of stories that are told on these mediums. On digital media you do not know what to expect, it is an open world where you are seeing out of the box content, you are seeing people who are sometimes writing disaster stories but making them work. Both are very interesting but the future will be tilting towards digital because it is becoming more and more accessible to people on their phones.

Q. You are also known as a sports television presenter.

I am an absolutely crazy person when it comes to sports. I have grown up playing it, I was the captain for my school football team. I was also part of my school basketball team and played little bit of cricket too. I am very fortunate that I can still be a part of sports through the broadcasting I do. For ten years I was the host of the pre-match Indian Premier League show, ‘Extraaa Innings T20’ and it was great to be part a tournament that had the best seats in the house. It was really nice to see the best sporting talent from across the world join hands with the India’s finest talent. It is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I look forward to such sporting events. I like the buzz of being on live television; the high of being on air when you hear the countdown. You do need to be a bit of crisis manager though. You need to understand that while you are doing live television a lot could happen.

Besides this, I also own my own football team. I actively play cricket and football myself whenever I get the free time.

Q. Tell us about your Goa experience.

Goa holds a very special place in my life. I have been coming here since the age of 18 or 19 and have had some of my best memories here. In fact I got married in Goa. Now whenever I take a break from work, I bring my kids here. However, coming here for work is a different kind of experience. While working the place becomes a little secondary because you are focused on what you have to do. But it’s always a pleasure to be here. Every time I come here there is a new experience I take back.

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