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Goa has hygienic school toilets, says survey

Panaji: Goa has been among the top five states in providing and maintaining hygienic toilets in schools and anganwadi centres, a national survey has found.

The National Annual Rural Sanitation Survey has found that Goa is among the top five states which have above 90 per cent functional toilets (non-ODF category) in schools – Telangana (98.9 per cent), Bihar (97.4 per cent), Madhya Pradesh (97.1 per cent), Goa (95 per cent) and West Bengal (91.1 per cent).

The survey has given the national average on the toilet use:  the use of the toilet has been found to be 92.8 per cent in anganwadis across the country.

According to the survey, Goa has registered 91.7 per cent usage, followed by Bihar (90.1 per cent), Jammu and Kashmir (90.9 per cent), Uttar Pradesh (94.1 per cent), and Manipur (95.2 per cent).

Some states have seen safe waste disposal at anganwadi centres,   registering the percentage between 95 per cent to 100 per cent. The states are: Uttar Pradesh (99.6 per cent), Tamil Nadu (98.8 per cent), Rajasthan (98 per cent), Assam (97.8 per cent), Bihar (96.7 per cent), Goa (95.8 per cent), West Bengal (95.7 per cent), Manipur & Andhra Pradesh (95.2 per cent each) and Nagaland (95 per cent).

The survey collected data on separate toilet arrangement in schools. Eight states have reported higher than 90 per cent in the category, which include Rajasthan (97.8 per cent), Goa and Tamil Nadu (96 per cent each), Puducherry (95.7 per cent), Karnataka (94.3 per cent), Uttar Pradesh (94.2 per cent), Mizoram (92.3 per cent) and Maharashtra (90.2 per cent).

The data has shown that a majority of school toilets in Goa (95 per cent) were found to be connected to a tank/pit or to a sewer system.

The other states have slightly performed better than Goa in this respect: Telangana (98.9 per cent), Bihar (97.4 per cent), Madhya Pradesh (97.1 per cent), Odisha and Andhra Pradesh (95.3 per cent each).

However, Karnataka has fallen behind Goa with 87.1 per cent in sewage disposal at the schools.  

Goa has fallen below national average of 99 per cent in hygienic toilet category.

The states where the safe method of disposing the excreta in less than 98 per cent of school toilets are Bihar (97.4 per cent), Karnataka (96.2 per cent), Odisha (95.9 per cent) and Goa (95 per cent).

The availability of separate sections for men and women in public toilets has also been observed by the survey. Public toilets in Goa and three other states – Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Arunachal Pradesh – have 100 per cent separate sections.

But the number of public toilets in these states is less.

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