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‘Goa Going Pink’ marathon to be held on May 28

In order to promote health and fitness among women and to spread awareness on breast cancer, Miracle Munj in association with Runtastic Dil Se and Boarding Kites Entertainment, will organise the second edition of Goa Going Pink 2017, to be held on May 28.

The run is an initiative by United Sister’s Foundation under the India Going Pink campaign that aims at raising awareness about breast cancer, its causes and prevention. Over 2500 women are expected to participate this year which is double of last year’s count.

Speaking about the initiative, supermodel and ambassador for Pinkathon, Milind Soman said: “It is our pleasure to bring Goa Going Pink to the women of Goa and its neighbouring areas. India Going Pink is the seed of change. When we say run it’s not actually an event for runners but an event that promotes the idea of running and walking as an effective tool for staying fit and healthy. Our focus is more towards those women who neglect their health.”

Stating that for several years health of women was a neglected issue and there is a need to change the mindset of the people to focus more towards women’s fitness, Milind said: “Today, the rate of lifestyle diseases is increasing and in order to curb this rising rate we need to at least take out 25 to 30 minutes per day and spend the time exercising, running or doing yoga. Regular screening and consultation can help us remain healthy.”

He also spoke about the free medical check-up at Rajagiri Victor Hospital, Margao which will be offered to all the women participants along with a free mammography test for women above the age of 40.

“All the participants of the marathon will be given the Tsunamika medal which is dedicated to the ideal of human unity; it was a project that focused on the fisherwomen who were traumatised by the tsunami disaster, by getting them involved in some creative handicraft work which could channel their energy in a constructive manner and so are we promoting the same for women,” said Soman.

Explaining how the risk can be minimal if breast cancer is detected early, general and laparoscopic surgeon, Rudolf Vas said: “The cases of breast cancer have increased over the years. It is the second highest cancer in the world and leading cancer in Goa. The main concern is the cases of cancer are detected at a later stage which becomes difficult to control and in order to cure it early detection is very important.”

Cancer survivor and founder of Muskaan, Babita Agarwal said that at the age of 29 when she was detected with breast cancer it came as a shock as she was diagnosed despite exercising and avoiding fatty acidic food on a regular basis. “I do not want others to do the same thing like what I did; that was ignorance. Women should consult doctors and seek for medical check-up regularly,” added Agarwal.


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