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Goa goes green


On the occasion of World Environment Day, Goa ForGiving in association with ‘Think Panjim’ and ‘Transform Goa’ inaugurated the ‘Million People, Million Trees’ campaign at the FL Gomes Garden in Campal. The theme for this year’s World Environmental Day was ‘Air Pollution’.

In Goa, in the name of development thousands of trees are being cut leading to poor air quality. Goa ForGiving believes that with a population of one million, if each Goan were to plant a tree and look after it, it would make a huge difference.

Present at the occasion were mayor, Uday Madkaikar; deputy mayor, Pascoela Mascarenhas; director of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Eknath Chakurkar; former councilor, Patricia Pinto; convenor of Think Panjim group, Raj Vaidya; chairman of Goa ForGiving trust, Armando Gonsalves, among others.

In his address, Madkaikar promised his full support through the CCP to take care of the saplings planted by watering them and putting the necessary manure. Twenty one saplings of amaltas or laburnum were planted by the attendees at the venue.

The event was a push in the right direction, to inspire the citizens to plant trees across the state. Old age homes, schools, college, government offices, etc, also joined the campaign by planting saplings at their premises, with the support of the CCP.

In addition, a photography and video competition has been launched wherein participants can post photographs of themselves planting saplings, on social media sites with hashtags such as #MillionTrees and #GoaGoingGreen and thus spread the campaign.

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