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Goa far from becoming fully digital: Lobo

Panaji: Indicating that the digital transformation in Goa till now meant related presentations by consultants, which took the government and its staff nowhere, Minister for Science and Technology Michael Lobo on Friday said that even though the digital transformation has failed in Goa, the government would not stop at any point, and move forward in this sector.

Addressing a gathering during the launch of the book ‘Why Digital Transformations Fail’ in the city, Lobo said, “Our servers are down and there are no proper signals in Goa.”

He also maintained that the digital-savvy youth in the state wants to stay online but the servers go down and there is no network, with these people moving around trying to catch signals.

Speaking further, the Minister for Science and Technology said that the government has so many consultants coming in, promising very big things, but when they deliver and leave, it is the government offices which suffer. “We are digital on paper but in reality, it is not true,” he noted, mentioning that in every government department there are problems, issues and failures when it comes to digitalisation. 

“If one visits Collector’s office for a simple certificate, they assure to send it on his cell phone or e-mail, however, in reality, it does not arrive,” Lobo observed, stressing that the digital transformation has failed here. “But we cannot stop at that, even though this is what the people face at the basic level of the digital transformation,” he mentioned, adding that Goa is just coming out of the shell as far as the digital world is concerned.

Turning to Tony Saldanha, president transformant and ex-vice president of Procter and Gamble, who has written the book, the Minister for Science and Technology said that Saldanha can train the digital-savvy Goan youth, and take help from some small but good consultants in the state, so that the concept of digital transformation could be revived in Goa.

“That way we can save the government exchequer of large amounts of money, which are spent on adopting something, which in reality does not work,” he concluded. 

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