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Goa Chitra to celebrate Museum Day

Goa Chitra Ethnographic Museum will celebrate World Museum Day on May 18, 4 p.m. with a panel discussion on ‘Custodians of Heritage’.

Among the panelists will be Rajendra Kerkar, a state, national and international awardee for 30 years of his work in the field of environment education and wildlife conservation.

The second panelist is Frederick Noronha, the founder of Goa 1556, an alternative book publishing initiative in Goa that has published unique fiction and non-fiction books by Goan authors on Goan topics.

Also participating in the discussion is Vinay Kumar, co-founder of ‘Inscription Stones of Bangalore’, a crowd-sourced, civic activism project that raised awareness for the protection of inscription stones found in Bangalore. The project received great appreciation from UNESCO. Completing the panel is historian Sanjeev Sardesai who promotes the rich heritage and history of Goa through schools and other associations through free audio-visual presentations, ‘Go Goa, Know Goa’.

The event will have a free entry for all orphanages and children’s homes groups, strictly on registration basis (so as to accommodate as many groups as possible).

Among those who will attend are 35 students from ages 4 to 15 years, from El Shaddai, a trust that cares for migrant and orphan children.

The group will also participate in an exclusive workshop, curated by architect and creative producer, Rhea Desouza.

The workshop will feature a guided activity drawing and will take the children on a creative visualisation journey where they will imagine and recreate Goan landscapes through interaction with heritage artifacts at the museum.

Details: 9850466165/ 8322772910

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