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Giselle Lobo demystifies Autism

Maria Fernandes|NT


The Navhind Times ‘Talk from the Heart’ series was launched on April 28 at Dempo House, Panaji. In the maiden interaction, head of Inclusive Education, Sethu Center for Child Development and Family Guidance, Giselle Lobo gave insights into autism, thus demystifying the myths and misconceptions pertaining to the condition.

The audience consisted mainly of parents and teachers of children with autism (CwA). The talk was divided in to three sections. The first section was on ‘Understanding Autism’. The main message in this section was that children with autism experience the world differently from the way we do. Explaining this in detail and with videos, Lobo said: “This difference in experience occurs because of differences in thinking, differences in learning and differences in neurobehavioral patterns. In addition CwA have difficulty in following instructions or answering questions. As learners, CwA tend to be visual learners and it is of importance to note that we should employ visual cues while teaching them. Differences in neurobehavioral patterns are reflected in the fact that many CwA are in a constant state of anxiety, have unusual responses to sensory stimuli and have difficulty in impulse control.”

The second part of the talk dealt with providing support to CwA. In this section five evidence-based strategies were presented to the audience. Lobo stressed on the need for developing a routine for CwA, finding an appropriate mode of communication, allowing children to make choices wherever possible, being  aware of sensory needs and addressing them, putting aside time to play with the child and giving them opportunities for community experiences.

The final section offered suggestions on how to cope with behavioural challenges when they did occur. These included staying calm, attempting to discern the reason for the behaviour, using visuals to communicate and giving the child choices.

The talk was presented using a power point presentation, videos and case studies. There was a great deal of interaction between the audience and speaker. Parents and teachers asked numerous questions which were answered well. The number of questions asked highlighted the need to spread awareness for autism in Goa.



The talk was an informative one for me, especially as we deal with all sorts of children. Understanding autistic children makes it easier to deal with them and channelise their activities.

Lida Joao


A well-spent morning! Great insight into autism by Giselle. It will help us a lot in our teaching children with learning disabilities.

Myra Shetkar


Excellent as always. Thank you.

Daphne Pires


I enjoyed the session as it gave me an insight with regards to dealing with parents whose kids require intervention.

Denise Rodrigues


It was informative and updated my knowledge about autism.

Blaxia Angela Alves


It was a very extensive talk with detailed information about how to manage autistic children.

Zoya Joao


Amazing session by Giselle. I am lost for words regarding how much I have learned today. Thank you Giselle and The Navhind Times.


Giselle Lobo was very informative, understanding and open to queries. The talk greatly enhanced my understanding of autism and people with autism.

Anika De’Souza


As a student the interactive session certainly did help. I’ve gained a wider perspective about autism not just from Giselle Lobo but also from the firsthand experiences of parents who have children with autism.

Erica Pereira

Very informative session. Lots of areas which we were not aware of were included and queries were answered effectively and appropriately.



Interesting and informative. I have now got an idea of how to guide other children to help a child with autism. A big thank you to Giselle Lobo and The Navhind Times.

Siddhi Sangle


It was very educational and will help me with my twin grandsons.

Carmina Fernandes


I am glad I attended the talk as it was informative and Giselle answered our questions knowledgeably.

Fiona D’Souza


Loved the talk. It was very eye-opening and I truly wish this information would reach a wider audience. Keep up the good work.

Sonia Shetkar


The talk has helped me a lot and the examples and videos were very helpful.

Shraddha Chari


Thank you Giselle for an informative talk that will help me in the future as a teacher.

Shahan Naik


The talk gave a different perspective to autism.

Shrinjan Ghosh


I have learned how every child with autism should be handled differently as per their interests and abilities.

Pallavi Gaonkar


Giselle is the best in the field.

Babi Malik


It was a helpful learning experience.

Snehal Verekar

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