Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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Get rid of drug addiction through vaastu correction

By Rupa Batra

One of the biggest issues which our nation is facing now-a-days is drug abuse, especially amongst the youth. In Punjab alone, nearly 75 percent of the youth are badly addicted to drugs. Not just Punjab, but Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad are also reporting cases of drug abuse at a very high rate.

But when we layer out the reasons behind the drug abuse, we would come to know that it is due to professional stress, unemployment, family pressure and friend circle, which forces the youth into it. Drug abuse is a process. It is a vicious cycle which needs to be broken, and parents and the house can play a major role in checking and reducing the drug abuse amongst youth.

Vaastu remedies to check drug abuse are:

  • First and foremost it should be seen that the south or south-west should not be cut, it should not be a slope and it should be properly in 90 degrees. This particular area is connected with fame and reputation of a person.
  • Your house should not be in the T zone. This point can destroy your image and your children will start indulging in stealing things from house itself.
  • The north-east should not be cut and should not be high; it can take away your power of judgment. You will start relying on others and your own sense of good and bad can get damaged.
  • The room of the drug addict should not be very far from your own room. When the rooms are near, you will get maximum chances to sit and talk with the person. You will also get a better opportunity to keep an eye on the activities of the person. Sit with the person and try to find out the reasons which are keeping him/her dull and taking the person into depression.
  • Pictures of wild animals should not be there in the room of the person.
  • Wrist bands or key chains with the danger sign should not be there. These are provocative images.
  • Grey, blue and green colour should be totally avoided in the room of the drug addict. There should be proper light and proper air to keep dullness and negativity away. Secondly, the room of that person should be strictly in the east direction. This direction receives the maximum benefits of the sun and the area is mostly free of any bad energy.
  • The room of the victim should not be close to the main gate. The room close to the front gate receives both good, and bad chi, from outside. At times, certain outside forces are not congenial for us. For instance, if we have a clinic or hospital or a deserted piece of land just opposite to our main gate, then the forces which will continuously enter the house will be negative, which is also called ‘shar chi’.
  • See that water is not dropping continuously in the house. It creates depression and anxiety amongst the family members.
  • Check that medicines are not kept in the kitchen. It is a place where food is cooked, which is required for the health of the family. If you persistently keep medicines in the kitchen, it may lead to health-related problems in the house.
  • Colours also play a major role in deciding a person’s mood. Colours such as red and dark yellow should be avoided for the drug addict as it can make the person even more aggressive. Colours such as white, cream and pastel shades are best suited as they are comparatively cooler shades, while green is the colour associated with health.

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