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Get more casinos & legalise Matka, Michael’s solution to overcome crisis

BJP minister Michael Lobo has come out with a startling solution to put Goa’s dwindling economy on the track. By getting more casinos in Goan rivers and also at Mopa, without shifting six casino vessels in river Mandovi. And then legalizing Matka. In fact he has assured that Matka will not be shut down. In short, he wants Goa to be made a gambling den of India. Casinos for high end tourists and Matka for common Goenkar.

No minister nowadays denies that Goan economy is in a deep soup. Mining is not happening. And tourism is shaking. Goa’s young minister Michael Lobo has gone one step forward. He doesn’t want casino vessels from Mandovi to be shifted. And more casino vessels in Chapora and Zuari rivers. And yet another separate gambling zone at Mopa airport, with more live casinos.

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