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Gazing into space

Students who have a keen interest in understanding the mysteries of the universe have an opportunity to participate in the ‘Young Astronaut Programme’ to be held from October 30, hosted by Bloomz International School, Nuvem, Margao.
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For youngsters fascinated with space science, the Young Astronaut Programme (YAP) may be of interest.

Organised by Bloomz International School, Nuvem, Margao, YAP will be held from October 30 to November 3. Open for children in the age group of seven to 18 years, YAP is an educational programme that will replicate the pseudo life of an astronaut in space for kids. During this programme, children will learn and understand several topics including space physiology, habitats, zero gravity, and space missions which are practical oriented, giving them a real life experience.

The programme which is being organised by Himalayan Space Centre, the only company in Asia to provide NASA collaborated curriculum, is a replica of the International Space Camps which are being delivered at space centres like Huntsville, Houston, and European Space Centre.

Principal, Bloomz International School, Anju Anand informs that this programme aims to provide knowledge and create interest among students on space and related areas as a career option. “Students will be creating real rockets and launching them high in the sky. There will be activities related to the rovers, missions, habitats and many other interesting projects achieved by NASA. One should participate to feel it,” she says, adding that YAP and its contents are framed with a very strong intention to provide basic to advanced level of understanding about space.

According to Anju, YAP is one-of-a-kind, and is hosted for the first time in Goa by Bloomz International School to benefit young upcoming learners of Goa. “Our school students have also conducted an exhibition on Mission Mangal. To make our students more tech savvy we have introduced Geekology subject which provides them exposure to computer programming and web designing,” says Anju. Prior to this, the school also had a star gazing night for their school students.

Expressing her views on how important it is to instill knowledge about space among students, Anju says that as kids all of us grow watching stars in the night and creating our own imaginary life around sky.  She adds: “Today, the whole world is trying to establish their presence in other planets, including India. And India has also produced many astronauts who have created history. Space has always been misunderstood more as technology and not as education. Hence it is very important to make sure that our next generation has the best knowledge and be a part of creating histories.”

So far, the school has registered their target of 30 students and is waiting for few more confirmations.

And looking at the good response, Anju mentions that the registrations are still open.

All participants will be awarded with a certificate of participation in collaboration with NASA and will be given t-shirts with the NASA logo.

“YAP will help participants to interact and learn from industry experts working with different space-related organisations from all over the world. It will tap their capabilities and boost their confidence towards a very new horizon,” she says.

(Details: 0832-2976755/ 9503729521/7028036881)

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