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Ganguly may need Gandhigiri and Dadagiri to make a mark

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly has never failed to rule the hearts of cricket lovers and their love and admiration for him has been unmatched. And it still shows

Mahavir Rawat

“I am Sourav Ganguly. I hope you have not forgotten me,” were the words uttered by Sourav Ganguly in a Coca-Cola campaign in the year 2006 just after he was dropped from the team. A comeback too seemed impossible.

However, when it comes to Sourav Ganguly, one thing is guaranteed – the man loves a challenge. And he has taken a new one. It’s official. The Bengal Tiger Sourav Ganguly is the new head of Indian cricket. Right from word go Sourav Ganguly has been spot on. He came to the press conference with the Indian team blazer that he had worn in 2003. He had answers to all the questions of the media and never shied away from calling a spade a spade. He was prepared to speak his mind and show everybody that he meant business. Ganguly, who served as national captain between 2000 and 2005, is considered one of the most successful skippers in the history of Indian cricket. He led them to victory in the 2002 Natwest Trophy and to the final of the 2003 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. He also captained them to many memorable performances in overseas Tests, including victories against England in Leeds in 2002, Australia in Adelaide in 2003 and Pakistan in Multan in 2004.

Team Ganguly

The most important members are: Jay Shah, son of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, and is set to be the new secretary of the BCCI while Arun Dhumal, who is Anurag Thakur’s brother, is going to be the board’s new treasurer. Jayesh George of Kerala Cricket Association will be the new joint secretary. They will be the closest working with Ganguly.

Conflict of Interest

Ganguly attacked the clause which had been a bone of contention for not only him but other star players like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble and VVS Laxman. “Conflict is an issue whether you will actually get the best cricketers in the system. You are not too sure as they will have other options and if they come into this system and not get to do something which is their livelihood, then it gets difficult to be part of the system. It needs to be looked into,” Ganguly said, making his views clear on the ‘one person, one position’ policy. The former India captain was part of the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) which was dissolved after ethics officer DK Jain received multiple complaints. “If you look at all the appointments that have happened in various forms – whether it is the NCA or CAC or the appointment of batting, fielding coaches, there has been an issue with everything. Then come to commentators or IPL. This needs to be sorted as it is another very serious issue in Indian cricket.”

Old Blazer, New Challenges

It’s no secret that for Indians cricket is never just a sport, it’s an emotion.

Naturally, Sourav Ganguly aka ‘Dada’ has been setting the buzz since his recent accession to the rank of BCCI (Board of Cricket Council of India) president.

Ganguly has never failed to rule the hearts of cricket lovers and their love and admiration for him has been unmatched. And it still shows.

In a recent interview, Ganguly was spotted sporting a blazer from 19 years back, as he went for his official appointment as BCCI’s president. He said that the blazer was given to him in 2000 when he was the captain of the cricket team.

Revealing his passion and commitment towards the game, Ganguly decided to put on the same blazer as he moves ahead to head another cricket assembly. The video was posted by ANI on Twitter with a caption that read: “Sourav Ganguly while addressing media after taking charge as the president of Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) in Mumbai: I got this (blazer) when I was the Captain of India. So, I decided to wear it today. But, I didn’t realise it’s so loose.”

Bye-bye CoA

As Sourav Ganguly took charge of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Wednesday, Committee of Administrators (CoA) work at BCCI was over. The CoA chief VinodRai explained how new BCCI president Sourav Ganguly would have dealt with the matter if such a rift had happened today. 

“There was so much controversy. Who could have handled it better? If this had happened today, Sourav would have thrust Kumble down Virat›s throat. But it could have created more tensions. I respected Kumble because he walked out,” Vinod Rai said in an interview to Hindustan Times.

Anil Kumble quit over a rift with Kohli in June 2017, saying his relationship with the skipper was “untenable”. The BCCI has denied any division in the Indian camp. Kumble was replaced by the current India coach Ravi Shastri, who was always the front-runner for the job due to warm relationship with Kohli.

When asked if the Supreme Court-appointed CoA had given a “freehand” to Kohli and Shastri, Rai replied: “If you don’t give a free hand to coach and captain, who do you give it to? Since I was not equipped to sit in judgement over Kohli and Shastri, I didn›t allow others (including Diana) to interfere. I kept them away. I would do the same again.”

Dadihai, to mumkinhai

The media or the fans may call him Dada, but players who played alongside Sourav Ganguly teasingly have been calling him Dadi (not grandmother) with affection. They say that Dadi is the best person to be at the helm of Indian cricket, especially when the Indian cricket has been headless for over months. Ganguly known for his aggression on the field has started his new innings with a bang. But a position that has its own power does come with a lot of scrutiny, hence Ganguly may need more of Gandhigiri and less of Dadagiri in really achieving his goals. But those who know Ganguly say, “Dadihai, to mumkinhai”.

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