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From church choir to YouTube

JP Pereira

There is plenty of talent seen among some of the new entrants to the Konkani stage. They compose their own lyrics, have well modulated and pleasant voices and are good actors too. One of these is Cajy Pereira, from Nagoa, Verna. As his parents worked abroad, Cajy’s childhood was spent with his maternal grandfather – late Socorro de Verna, a well known writer and director of ‘khell tiatr’ and radio plays. The young boy watched the rehearsals with the entire troupe of actors, singers and musicians. But the urge to perform on the Konkani stage had not surfaced, yet!

Cajy kept busy, participating in programmes and activities at the Church and the choir, for which he still sings. But then talent has its own way of coming to the fore. The people from his village decided to organise a musical show where many youngsters performed their own songs and were much appreciated by the audience. Jerome Mendes from Verna, a lover and promoter of Konkani entertainment, agreed to produce a video album of their songs. The album titled ‘Kazaar’ became quite popular and is still aired on Goan cable networks.

Veteran tiatr actress Felcy, recommended Cajy to Comedian Ambe who cast him in ‘Dantui Mhoje, Vonttui Mhoje’. From then on Cajy began acting and singing for the director for all except two seasons. Besides Ambe, he has sung for Comedian Domnick, Mariano Fernandes, A M Pacheco, Ben Evangelisto and other directors. He has performed in Dubai for ‘Mother’s Day’, a tiatr by Milagres de Chandor and in London for Samuel Carvalho’s ‘Serkar’. He has acted for Menino Mario’s tiatr titled ‘Blackmail’ and this season was seen in CID, by the same director. Besides this, he has done minor roles in video presentations by Comedian Ambe and sung for audio discs by Martin de Ponda, Jaison de Santa Cruz, Anthony de Ambajim, Elffio Fernandes and a Konkani pop album by Chitra. He has released his own album ‘Korinaka Xinn’ with top artistes from the Konkani stage and our own Lorna. The album is a treat to hear. Cajy composes his own lyrics, sets them to music and finds immense joy in performing his own creations. ‘Friendship Day’ is his latest video uploaded on YouTube and ‘Sounsaracho Kunvor’, is due for release this month. For the first time, Cajy has also composed the music for this song.

Cajy feels that new talent has to be introduced by established directors. The audience too should appreciate new entrants as only this will keep tiatr alive in future. At times, the audience fails to appreciate newcomers and this is quite disappointing. A civil engineer and a contractor by profession, Cajy works in London. But the love for tiatr brings him back on stage, whenever he is down in Goa.



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