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Freshness of Italy on your plate

After spending over 14 years in Mumbai, the shift to Goa was deliberate for Davide Cananzi and Alciela Shilla. Davide’s Pizzeria isn’t difficult to find in Sinquerim. With a casual setting you can get pizzas, pastas, Italian breads and meatballs the original way.

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You might work of the best company in the world, but there is nothing that beats working for yourself, and doing it all with love. Davide Cananzi and Alciela Shilla are not unknown faces in Goa with their company that offers consultancy services within the hospitality sector.

Close to completing two months – with an aim to start an outlet that offers authentic pizzas on the crowded tourist belt – Davide and Al are beyond happy. Their place is buzzing with people having a chill time and also getting their fix of Italian pizzas, pasta and food struck off their bucket list. Davide and Al are around doing everything from serving to making sure you know what you’re ordering, and of course making some great conversation.

With a casual setting, the place has been getting rave reviews, also because it’s pet-friendly. The pizzas and meatballs are Davide’s forte. From the pasta and meatballs to the bread, Davide makes it all. Having been instrumental in setting up the first Italian restaurant in India in a five-star property in Kolkata, Davide has seen how Indians have fallen in love with Italian food.

“I want to make Italian food affordable and yet not compromise of the quality,” he says before adding that he imports parma ham, peeled tomatoes and uses real parmesan cheese along with several other fresh ingredients that he sources locally.

The thin crust pizzas come in two sizes – 8 inches and 12 inches. We were served the two fastest selling one’s, the Prsciutto e rucola that was laden with tomato, mozzarella, parma ham, arugula and parmesan flakes. The other was a vegetarian pizza named after the man himself, and had tomato, mozzarella, goat cheese, roasted garlic and pesto. The candied garlic here gives you a sweet-sour after taste.

What I loved about the two pizzas is that there is no compromise of cheese or anything that could otherwise increase the cost of the pizza, which happens with famous commercial pizza brands. My friend was a bit conscious about the cheese on the pizza and the generously placed parma ham, but I didn’t care and devoured it all. In fact I pulled the cheese flakes and ate them plain and along with the arugula. Thin crust pizzas at Davide’s Pizzeria are here to stay and will soon become a bigger craze with his expansion plans.

After the pizzas I was pretty much stuffed despite not having breakfast. The Agnolotti di carne (beef and ricotta served with bolognaise sauce) was the epitome of comfort food. Actually a meal in itself, it’s best enjoyed when served hot. The Ravioli in all its goodness was soaked in the sauce with the filling oozed out with every bite, it is just an enjoyable process that I can no longer describe.

Davide tells us that this is a recipe he had great emotional attachment to and was first made 31 years ago when he started off as a chef. And is one that you will find on all menus prepared by him across Italian restaurants which he has consulted for.

The famed meatballs are definitely worth giving a try, even if you are super crazy about pastas and pizzas. Beef and lamb meatballs served with pieces of garlic bread are a good way to nurse your drink or a healthy option for a meal. The meatballs are succulent and juicy, retaining great original flavour. The options of your sauces and meat can be chosen, while in some the meatballs are slow cooked, baked or fried.

Besides just being a foodie, it was great getting educated my Davide who doesn’t hesitate to share information about the cooking process, the origins, etc. In fact for those who have parties and love to make pasta, you can order freshly made raw pasta that is sold in packets of 250 grams, 500 grams and 1 kilogram. When it comes to the desserts, Al reigns supreme with some traditional recipes. In fact, the light and heavenly Tiramisu is Davide’s grandmother’s original recipe. It’s light and boozy. Make sure you also try the Granny Smith Apple cake. Not too sweet, it’s perfect for those who can’t do without their doze of sweetness at the end of the meal.

This place is ideal for those who want to shun fine dining restaurants and taste original recipes from a simple menu with personalised service and offerings.

Molto autentico!

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