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People queued in front of Goa Bhagaytdar outlet in Canacona.

Frenzy of people at grocery stores forces authorities for total shutdown


The aggressive behaviour of the people to stock up essential items forced the shopkeepers to close their shops much before the permitted time by the state government on Friday.

Residents wearing their protection gear that is mask, carrying bags rushed out to Chaudi town of Canacona to buy whatever vegetables or dry food stuff they could lay their hands on in view of the relaxation allowed by the state government.

As per reports from Canacona, people queued in front of the stores early morning in Canacona before the shopkeepers could roll their shop shutters up on Friday.

Sources reported that people queued were saying that most of them were caught unaware in the extended curfew and had no food stuff in their houses, while some persons had come to buy grocery in the fear of future lockdown in the state.

The unending queues outside stores also broke out arguments amongst people between those who ask the other not to talk and keep some distance between each other.

Deputy speaker and Canacona MLA Isidore Fernandes, after getting the reports of the unprecedented behaviour of the crowd directed the authorities to order total shutdown and informed over social media that essential items will be made available through home delivery system. He also informed that as per the earlier plans food will be supplied to the people through their elected members and volunteers. The government authorities finally after assessing the ground situation in the market had no alternative, but to ask the businessmen to close the stores as most people took no precautionary measures to cover their mouth or keep a social distance in public. The police too could not manage the large crowd at different places in the taluka.

However a staff member of a store where goods are available under one roof in Canacona said it’s a jittery feeling when she handles the cash and other modes of payment.

A shopkeeper too expressed the same view and said that it was not manageable to handle the customers and he feels that a mob like situation may arise in future if such conditions continue to prevail.

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