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Fostering cultural connections


An interaction with president of the Republic of Portugal, Marcelo Rebello de Souza was organised recently by the Indo Portuguese Friendship Society-Goa.

In a bid to foster cultural connections between Portugal and Goa, a book about Goa was presented to the president of Portugal on the occasion at the hands of president of Indo Portuguese Friendship Society-Goa, Anarita Chico in the presence of  former president the Indo Portuguese Friendship Society-Goa, Elinio Colaco; Gopal Pai Vernekar, Rene Mendes, chairman of the general assembly of the Indo Portuguese Friendship Society-Goa, Audhut Caro and others.

Also present on the occasion were Edgar Valles, Carmo Gracias, Ethelvina Bruto da Costa, Orty Soares, Tolentino Antonio Colaco, Francisco Martins, Ulhas Karpe, president of Club Harmonia, Anand Colaco; president of Clube Vasco da Gama, Francisco Noronha; president of Clube National, Tony Dias; former Chairman of Semana de Cultura, Zilman Coelho Pereira; chairman of Semana de Cultura Indo Portuguese Ameet Pinto and others.

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