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Foreigners are mostly arrested for role in drugs trade in Goa




In the last 53 months the Goa police arrested 422 foreigners, and   around 71 per cent of them were involved in drugs trade and   other cases which were registered under various sections of the Indian Penal Code.

Around 29 per cent of the arrested foreigners were found overstaying or did not have a passport.

Figures with the foreigners regional registration office (Goa) say that from 2014 to May 28, 2018, some 118 foreigners were arrested under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, while 180 foreigners were arrested in cases booked under various sections of the IPC.

During this period the police arrested 124 foreigners for overstaying,  not possessing passport and for other offences.

Out of the 118 foreigners  arrested in drugs cases, Nigerians accounted for 60 per cent (71) followed by Israelis (seven), Nepalis (seven) Russians (five), Germans (five) and Britons (five).

Citizens of other nations were also  arrested for drugs cases.

Similarly, in the cases pertaining to assault or other crimes registered

under various sections of the IPC 180 foreigners  were arrested – 67 were Nigerians,  Russians (20), Britons  (17), Nepalis (14) and citizens from other countries.

Foreigners regional registration officer and superintendent of police Bosco George said that during the period from 2014 to  May 28, 2018, some 422 foreigners were arrested in  the state for various offences.

“In the last 53 months, 50 foreigners  have been deported for reasons such as overstay, violation of visa, traveling without passport, drugs case and others,” Bosco said.

He said  that from 2014 to April 30, 2018, some 761 foreigners  have been penalised for overstaying.

Bosco also said  the work on a  detention centre for lodging foreigners  found staying illegally in Goa and those awaiting deportation is nearing completion.

The judicial lockup in Mapusa, where undertrials used to be kept, will now serve as the detention centre.

“More than 90 per cent of the work on the detention centre is complete. It will come under the social welfare department. Foreigners  found without a passport or a valid travel document will be kept in the detention centre. In absence of the detection centre, monitoring of foreigners has been difficult. However, the local police have been  asked to monitor the address of such persons,”  Bosco said.

When a foreigner is found without a valid travel document to go back to their country, the concerned embassy is contacted for providing a transit permit for its national. Till the valid travel documents come from the embassy, the foreigner  is supposed to be housed in a  detection centre.

In the absence of a detention centre, the police monitor the addresses of the foreigners  found staying without valid travel documents in the state.


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