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FORCE general secretary Savio Lopes addressing the parents in Margao on Friday 

FORCE warns BBSM not to divide state on religious lines




Forum for Rights of Children’s Education (FORCE) on Friday warned the BBSM not to divide the state on the lines of religions and castes.

Addressing a gathering of around 800 parents, general secretary Savio Lopes challenged  BBSM members and Konkani stalwarts to sit across for a debate on the grants issue and said they should not ‘communalise’ the issue of seeking rightful grants from the  government.

“Instead of dividing the people on religion lines and disturbing communal harmony the BBSM should have a debate on the issue,” Lopes said. He clarified that the Friday’s meeting was not in retaliation to BBSM members’ outburst.

“In a democratic manner we held our meeting. We took suggestions from parents as to what to do next if the government fails to implement its promise of translating the cabinet decision of July 2014 into an act without any dilution.  Discussions will be held on the suggestions received and it will be conveyed to the parents,” he stated.

“We only demand grants to English medium schools as per the parents’ choice,” he said, adding, the parents of all the communities support English medium schools.

FORCE member Cynthia Fernandes assured that every move of the committee would be  conveyed to the parents.




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