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Football: Goa’s Glory

Danuska Da Gama

A Durga Prasad has been an instrumental person in the reviving of Goan cinema. A real estate business man, he set up Prasad Creations in 2012 with an aim to create a niche in the world of cinema.

He produced his first film, in Hindi, ‘Calapor’ directed by Dinesh Bhosle, starring Rituparna Sengupta along with other stars in 2013. His second film was ‘Enemy?’ – a National Award winning Konkani film in 2015 also directed by Dinesh Bhonsle. In 2017, he produced ‘Martin’ which was a Konkani suspense thriller and had Tapan Acharya, John D’Silva, Brijesh Kakodkar, Aryan Khedekar, and Annuj Sikri playing lead roles.

‘Glory’ is the fourth film to be released under his banner. And this time, Prasad has made his debut as a director alongside Tinky Geoge.

Excerpts from an interview

Q. Why did you choose to make a film on football?  

When I was producing ‘Calapor’, our former Chief Minister late Manohar Parrikar asked me about producing a film on football, so I gave it deep thought. The search ended in two years when I finally got a good script. On reading it I felt that I should produce the movie. It is also the first time that I decided to enter the creative process and direct it too as I wanted this movie to be larger than life. Thus ‘Glory’ came into existence. We’ve used true incidents around the time of 1983 where Goan won the National Championship, but have used fiction also to make the film as interesting as possible.

Q. Tell us more about the film.

Goa is known for its football fever, even though the rest of India may be crazy for cricket. I have been witness to this passion for the past thirty years. We have taken this passion to another level by making this film. Through ‘Glory’ we are showing how passionate we Goans are about football. The film is about the Goan team which is selected for the National Championship under coach Srinivas, and their preparation towards winning the title. It is a film which has various elements like humour, family drama, humour, etc. ‘Glory’ is a film that brings about the meaning of a team spirit that is required in sports and in most situations today, while also showcasing the role and responsibility of a team leader.

Even our music describes the passion of the sport. It’s the first time in the history of Konkani cinema that a sports film has been produced and though we don’t want to reveal much, Goans will thoroughly enjoy this film.

Q. How easy/ difficult was it to direct this film?

It was difficult task; along with my team I have tried our level best to create a film without compromising on the budget. As a producer I was active in the previous productions, and this time while directing ‘Glory’, my previous experience helped me a lot.

The film has been majorly shot in Goa, though we’ve shot in Kolkata and Kolhapur. We’ve shot in Kolkata more because in the past in the 1980s Goa would play against Kolkata.

Arjuna awardee Brahmanand Sankhwalkar actually trained the team for four months to bring out the true essence of footballing skills among these actors on screen.

The film also boasts of 16 continuous minutes that has been produced using visual effects (VFX). We took about six months to complete the VFX. We completed the shoot within a month and we’ve captured Goa very beautifully. We’ve taken three years to complete the movie and thus post production took over one and half year.

Q. What are your expectations from the Goan audience?

As a producer for the last eight years I have tried my best in giving a platform to Goan artists’ through my banner. As a director and producer of the film, I want this film to be supported by Goans, just like the Goan audience has supported other projects. I need your love and support as this is a film on Goa’s pride. Only people coming forward to support can take Konkani cinema to the next level.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your acclaimed team and their role in the film?

We were privileged to have famous Bollywood sound designer Bishwadeep Chatterjee who is known for films like ‘Bajirao Mastani’, ‘Padmavat’, ‘URI’ and others. Similarly, cinematographer Hari Nair has done a tremendous job. He too has worked on various national and international projects. This is not his first time with Konkani cinema; he has worked in the National Award winning Konkani film ‘K Sera Sera’.

The lyrics for ‘Glory’ have been written by lyricist Rajay Pawar and the music for the three songs has been composed by Ronnie Monseratte who worked with ‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’ and on several other projects in Goa and Mumbai.

The visual effects for ‘Glory’ has been done by Mumbai based Abhishek Saxena of Zero Gravity. It is also the first Goan film to be mixed in Dolby Atmos.

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