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I am a 26-year-old female. I am married and underweight. My weight varies between 30 kgs to 35 kgs. Six months back I was suffering from typhoid after which my weight has come down to 30 kgs. Despite increasing the food intake, I am not gaining weight.
Your weight is decreased because you were suffering from typhoid few months back. In typhoid, people tend to lose the muscle mass and tissue and even the BMR is high to maintain your normal body temperature. All these things contribute to weight loss and it becomes difficult to gain weight later. Now that you have recovered from the fever and weakness, you should have plenty of protein-rich diet so that the loss of tissues and muscles can be compensated and you can gain weight. To incorporate protein you should have chappati and rice with various dals, legumes, soya beans (chunks, granules, tofu, and whole), chicken, fish and eggs. You can also consume lots of milk and milk products everyday like a glass of milk, buttermilk, lassi, curd or paneer. You can also have almonds, walnut, roasted chana and groundnut. Having a protein rich diet will increase your muscle mass and slowly you will start gaining weight.
You are underweight since many years. This may be because your BMR is too high or you are a very active person. Your activities also determine your weight. The more active you are, lesser the weight you have (also depends on your eating pattern). Follow a normal 6 to 7 meals/day plan at regular intervals to keep your BMR constant. You should also include whole grains, oats, fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Your diet should be well balanced including proteins, carbs and fats in each meal. Don’t forget to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water to cleanse your system and to be healthy.

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