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Flying start to digital literacy

JIO is undertaken a pan-India digital literacy initiative Digital Udaan, to help first-time internet users understand the internet. According to Jio, there are over 300 million internet users in India, of which many are first time users. As a part of the initiative, Jio will engage with its users every Saturday to help them learn about the phone features, various apps and internet safety including use of Facebook. The initiative is via audio-visual training in 10 regional languages in nearly 200 different locations across 13 states. In future the initiative is being extended to 7,000 locations. “The Digital Udaan initiative will help to eradicate barriers of information asymmetry and provide accessibility in real time. It is a program for inclusive information, education and entertainment, where no Indian will be left out of this digital drive. We plan to take it to every town and village of India, achieving 100 per cent digital literacy in the country,” said Akash Ambani, director, Reliance Jio.

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