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Fishermen seek 3-month ban on imports of fish




Fishermen from all over the state have come under one banner and demanded that the wholesale fish market be taken over by the fisheries department and handed over to Goan fishermen so as to provide safe fish for Goans.

Addressing a press conference on Monday evening, members of various fishing associations assembled under one banner and demanded that the wholesale fish market be handed over to Goans while the government should extend the ban on the import of fish for another three months till people in state feel confident about the quality of fish.

Speaking at the press conference, former Velim MLA Benjamin Silva, along with general secretary of Goa fishing boat owners association Vasco and others alleged that Goans have not been allowed to operate at the wholesale fish market and even when they had won the tender to operate the wholesale fish market during the tenure of Rajan Naik who was chairman of SGPDA being the highest bidders, politicians, who were also on the board, sabotaged the bidding process by inserting a clause of three years experience to ensure entry of non-Goans and favour a particular person.

They claimed that the total requirement of fish for Goans is 150 tonne which local fishermen are willing to provide to meet the needs of the Goans. Silva said that people come to Goa to enjoy not only the scenic beauty but also its fish.

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