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Fish catch is inadequate to the demand

Fish production in the state is increasing at a slow rate compared to the demand. There are no estimates of the demand-supply mismatch and it could be in the range of 40 per cent to 50 per cent , according to stakeholders. Fish production is by traditional fishermen, large trawler operators. The catch is of marine and inland fish. While marine fishing is in open seas, inland catch is from rivers, estuaries and water bodies. The fishing department is only now waking up to the need of promoting aquaculture and efforts to promote remain nascent.

Fish Production in Goa

Year         Production        Total

Marine Inland

2013       87,984   4,678     92,662

2014       128,107 3,718     131,825

2015       108,240 4,648     112,888

2016       101,053 4.403     105,456

2017       120,430 5,332     125,762

2018 (until March 31)      29,902   1,190     31,092

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