Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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Fish available in state may be unsafe




Fish eaters in the state may now not have to only worry about its short-supply during monsoon but that they may be consuming fish containing harmful preservatives like cancer-causing chemical formalin.

Sources in city market revealed that most of the fish imported into the state from the neighbouring states particularly in monsoons is stored using preservatives.

Sources also revealed that cold storages in north as well as in South Goa preserve fish in bulk for months to meet the demand of people including hoteliers in monsoon.

They further informed that fish including kingfish, pomfret, mackerels, prawns, and sardines are brought into Goa everyday from Chennai, Kerala and Kolkata especially in Margao in bulk and it is taken to other parts of the state as early as 4 am.

Wholesalers and retailers from all over the state flock Margao to buy fish in bulk individually or in groups. It is then taken to markets across the state including in Panaji and sold to customers who include hoteliers, canteen owners, and other consumers at slightly better rates.

The retailers’ groups consisting of 7 to 8 fish vendors get together and buy 20 tonne or less fish depending upon the demand and supply it in the city market.

The fish sometimes reaches the consumers days after being brought in state and it cannot be

stored without using preservatives since it is a perishable item, sources said. Once fish arrives at Chennai port from trawlers, it is transported to the jetty and from there it reaches Goa.

In Goa, cold storage owners start preserving fish months earlier when there is good catch instead of selling or exporting it and sell it to hoteliers during monsoons and get desired prices.


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