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Finally, vessel gets customs clearance to unload naphtha



In a late night development on Friday, office of the commissioner of customs granted permission for transshipment of naphtha from the vessel ‘MV Nu Shi Nalini’.

In an order issued by assistant commissioner of customs (I and E) Kailash Aherwar, the permission for transshipment of cargo is granted subject to fulfillment of conditions laid down under section 53 and 54 of Customs Act 1962 read with Sea Cargo Manifest and Transshipment Regulation 2018.

As per conditions laid down by commissioner of customs, a bill of transshipment is to be presented to the assistant commissioner of customs (I and E), an indemnity bond covering the value of cargo and duty involved is to be submitted, the cargo namely naphtha should be transshipped on a foreign-bound vessel, sample should be drawn as per the procedure to verify the contents of the cargo, it should be ensured that the ship reaches the port of destination within a reasonable period, the proof of having discharged the cargo at the port of destination should be submitted within 30 days of sailing of vessel and all the conditions as prescribed under  Sea Cargo Manifest and Transshipment Regulation 2018 should be fulfilled.

It is learnt that the commissioner of customs had granted permissions, to allow the ship to be pulled out easily as it ran aground in shallow waters off Cabo near Dona Paula.

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