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Filmmaking is all about teamwork: Anil


The ongoing 50th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) saw Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor and director Anees Bazmee take the stage in a Masterclass titled ‘Director’s Actor’ on Friday. The session was moderated by actress, author, and film producer, Tisca Chopra.

Over the span of his 40-year career, Kapoor has worked on several films such as ‘Ram Lakhan’, ‘Beta’, ‘Pukar’ and ‘Bulandi’. And when Chopra asked Kapoor what was something he had never done before, Kapoor replied, “One lifetime is not enough for me to fulfil all my dreams. I have been blessed that I had the opportunity of working with great actors, actresses, writers and directors. Filmmaking is all about teamwork but I have always been a director’s actor.”

Kapoor added that having worked with Bazmee on ten hit films so far, he would like to make another 50 films with the director. He said: “Bazmee has so many characters in him that he will write and direct and by God’s wish we will do some more films together. Bazmee writes from his heart and it is all original.”

Getting into the film industry was way easier then, Kapoor revealed, adding, “Today’s generation is fortunate as there are so many platforms available to showcase their talent. It is not necessary that a film has to be released theatrically; one can shoot the film with the click of a button and it reaches people across the world. Back then we had to go far off to take acting lessons, show our photos asking for work. One can just upload their audition on to social media sites.”

Sharing his experience working with Kapoor, Bazmee says that the problems in the life of an actor begin when he/she is satisfied and thinks they have done it all. “When I work with Anil in any film, I feel as if it is his first film as he shows the same energy, confidence, and nervousness as if he is shooting his first film. And today the success he has achieved in his career play an important role,” said Bazmee.

Bazmee, who wrote about 30 to 35 films prior to becoming a director, further said: “If I was not a successful writer, I would not be a successful filmmaker. The important thing when it comes to making a film is writing. I have seen many writers who were very good but could not become good directors. Writing was my strong point and it helps, but you need other skills as well which I got to learn when I worked with directors. I learned a lot from all these experiences.” Be it any field, learning is never wasted, he added.

Stating the qualities a director looks for in an actor, Bazmee said: “A director’s first step is to identify an actor who will be able to justify the character he wrote. He also ensures that the actor won’t create any difficulty when shooting owing to mood swings, tantrums, etc. Most importantly the actor should be a person who gels well with everyone.”

Later, Kapoor who still considers himself a student of cinema said: “I am a very selfish actor and for me one’s talent as well as hardwork is very important. Working with me did not only benefit Bazmee but I got the double benefit because people remember my characters from the films and those characters are written by him.”

Speaking about their long-standing assioation, Kapoor added: “Bazmee treated me like any director would treat me when I started my career – even after I completed 10, 20 and 30 years and till date.”

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